About Annette Roper - Jessica Alstrom
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About Annette Roper


Annette Roper, Quantum Light Coach, currently resides in Kansas City, Ks. She is a Spiritual Traveler who has kept herself free to explore any directional wind that Divine Spirit blows into her realm of reality. She is a college graduate, Navy Veteran, ordained minister and currently enjoys life as a Quantum Light Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, BrainTap and DoTerra Distributor.


In Annette’s words, “I’ve always looked at life on this planet much differently than that of my family and childhood friends. Having survived childhood molestation and parental drug and alcohol abuse, I spent my early years caring for my younger siblings and my mother. In the back of my mind, I always knew that people were doing the best that they could at any given time. This is certainly not what others in my situation could understand and part of what led me to become a coach. From an early age, I have experienced psychic phenomena and contact with extraterrestrial beings. In my mid-20’s, not knowing what to do with this information, I dove into self-medication via drugs and alcohol and experienced more than a few years of despair. It was this dark time in my life that was the catalyst for my spiritual awakening.


Because of my awakening, I learned about meditation and yoga and began diverting my passions for alcohol and partying into an earnest spiritual quest, which pushed me, headlong, into awareness. One evening, while on my patio in a very deep meditative state, I experienced the shattering of, what I now know was, my ego and I became aware of the energy that we all are, on a very profound molecular level. Each molecule of my body was separate and communicating with everything. For one brief minute, I became one with everything…the birds singing, the grass, all beings on the planet. I knew the time frame only because my husband at the time was observing me and could see the shift in my demeanor. Honestly, it was years before I could even put words to what I experienced, but I knew that my heart wanted me to seek truth, love and peace.


I use many different modalities to assist others in clearing their soul paths of emotional debris. This helps them to embody the divinity that they agreed to come into this life to be. The river of human existence can appear to be a dark and treacherous place at times. I am here to see you as you came to this planet to be. I will hold your hand as you navigate those murky waters and become a divine light in this world.


My awakening and becoming has been a work in progress for 40 years now. The good news is that I have learned many short cuts in the process of becoming aware that I will share with you to help speed up your spiritual journey. Come and let me share these gifts with you so that you may pass them on to others. Your 1st 1-hour consultation is at no cost to you. We must meet and see if we are a good fit for each other before we proceed into a longer arrangement.


Contact me at quantumhealth56@gmail.com to arrange that appointment. I look forward to working with you soon.

Quantum Coaching

One hour session: $90

Four 1 hour sessions: $320

7-week manifestation series: $500

Quantum Energy Healing

One hour session: $100

Four 1-hour sessions: $350