About Pamela Pruitt - Jessica Alstrom
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About Pamela Pruitt

TICA Graduate & Quantum Light Coach

Quantum Healer:  Mind, Body, Spirit

Teacher – Artist – Designer – Inventor – Poet – Writer – Editor


You are Braver than you Believe
Stronger than you Seem
And Smarter than you Think
~ Christopher Robin
(Pooh’s Grand Adventure)


I have spent a lifetime helping others—family, friends, and professionally as an occupational therapist, working with all ages from babies to old folks. It was very challenging, rewarding and exhausting; in many ways I was settling and not pursuing my highest joy. That realization came when I was immobilized by a sudden illness and an injury that allowed a time of self-reflection. As I emerged from that cocoon, I serendipitously came across Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Healing Teachings. I spent a year challenging and healing myself, with her guidance, and now I am a TICA graduate and a Certified Quantum Light Coach, ready to help others do the same.


I am seeking to mentor people who want to go down the Rabbit Hole head first; people whose greatest desire is for self-actualization and who want to live the life of their dreams; who are willing to take responsibility for creating their own reality; who will dare to examine old patterns of behavior and beliefs; who are sincere enough for honest introspection and self-examination; who want to lighten-up and are determined not to give up until they transcend the suffering they have created.


The most important thing you can do to help others and to make a change in the world is to honor yourself and do the work necessary to break through the barriers that are turning down your power and keeping you asleep to your true self. These barriers have shielded you from what is true for so long that the person you present to the world is no longer authentic. I invite you to open the door and look within, to shine a light in the shadow and rescue the parts that have been hidden—the parts that want to be seen, heard, and loved. As you clear away the blocks of separation, you will begin to remember who you are and your true nature will begin to shine. As you get back in touch with your inner Golden Compass and step into your power, you will begin to experience Magic. Life will begin to flow, and people, circumstances, and events will show up to create the life of your dreams. You will feel more light-hearted, more playful, more loving, and more at peace; you will find yourself in full gratitude and will finally feel at home in the world as your life unfolds.


I encourage you to join me in this grand experiment to “Awaken, Integrate and Transcend.” Together we can transform suffering into potential, pain into purpose, and separation into unity, so that we may evolve and expand as individuals, as a species, as a planet, and as a universe. You have the power and responsibility to refine and transform your life. It is time for us to “lighten-up” and to open our hearts and celebrate our Becoming with love, creativity, dance, sound, music, and play!


Please schedule a coaching session (play date) with Pamela at:

or FB Messenger (preferred)
from the following introductory options:


• First Session is complimentary: up to one-hour

• One Half-Hour Session

• One Hour Session

• Three One-Hour Sessions (scheduled in advance)

• 777 Experiment (7 Steps of Manifestation): 7 Forty-five minute Sessions (scheduled in advance) focusing on one amazing manifestation

• Current & Lifetime TICA members: Monthly One-Hour Sessions with an A-Team Member are included with your TICA tuition


– Sessions may be done via Facebook Messenger Video Chat, Zoom, or Skype
– Sessions by phone or WhatsApp may be arranged
– Sessions are to be paid in advance in USD (contact Pamela for more information)


*Responses to working with Pamela~

*I am working with the amazing Pamela Pruitt! It’s been life-changing, literally! She has provided me with some amazing tools and insights, and has provided an incredibly safe & loving space of expansion and acceptance. In the short time I’ve worked with her, I’ve experienced quantum shifts in my personal reality. What was truly activated was a remembrance of all that I really am and an appreciation of my accomplishments and who I am, the likes of which I’d never felt experienced. From there, the floodgates of amazing manifestations and change to my outlook towards life was forever changed for the better. Thank you Pamela for your authentic, no-nonsense love and acceptance. I encourage you to connect with Pamela! – B.T.

*Pamela has a beautiful soul. She greets you with a warm smile then speaks calmly out of love. I’m blessed to have crossed paths with her! – K.D.


Pamela’s Tool/Toy Box:

Quantum Light Coaching:

Personal Coaching/Mentoring

777 Manifestation Experiment


Energy and Body Work:

Thai Yoga Massage, Thai Chi, Breath Work, Chi Cultivation & Circulation

Neuro-Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Contemplation, Understanding the Gut Brain, Healing with Whole Foods


Occupational Therapy:

Craniosacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Joint Mobilization, Friction Massage, Personal Weight Trainer



Art Therapy; (Fiber Arts) Weaving & Batik; (Printmaking) etching, lithography, woodblock; (Concrete Fabrication) countertops & vessels