House Clearing Certification - Jessica Alstrom
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House Clearing Certification

$99.00 $89.97

You will learn about:

  • Frequency and Vibration
  • Energy and how it attracts
  • Negative and Positive Energy
  • EMF Frequencies
  • Mirrors as portals
  • Antique furniture and their point of attraction
  • How perceived negative events affect a physical structure
  • The power of pictures in your home
  • Ambiance with scent and lighting
  • The frequency of clutter
  • Energetic flow of a clean home
  • Indicators of low vibration and frequncy
  • How to maintain a home once it’s been cleared
  • Energy in motion:  Where conflicts, resentment & frustrations hide in the clutter of your home

The Quantum House Clearing Certification class is a bite size helping of the information that is shared in the Transcendence International Consciousness Academy Light Coaching Class.  It will give you a brief overview of what a house clearing is, how it works and why houses need to be cleared.

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