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Quantum Light Coaching Certification


Have you ever thought of yourself as a life coach? Are you a natural empath? Do you seek out and want change for yourself & others? Are you on a spiritual journey & looking for tools & techniques to help you with your community, your friends or your existing practice? Are you interested in creating a business for yourself that you can work from anywhere on the planet using only Skype? Then our Light Coaching program might be perfect for you!

This one year class includes:

First 3 months: Awaken, Integrate & Transcend yourself.  This is an intense training on your personal process to unblock any of the filters or limitations that are keeping you from moving on in your personal process.


  • Heal all your traumas & PTSD from the past
  • Integrate self love
  • Tackle the 4 major soul wounds and heal management of your time to build a successful practice & light coaching business
  • Heal your body
  • Heal your self worth
  • Eliminate all your personal abundance blocks


The remainder of the year, will be spent learning to awaken, integrate & transcend your client(s) using forms of NLP, Quantum Light Coaching, Brain Re-entrainment, PTSD & healing trauma, intense shadow work, childhood regression, past-life regression, trigger techniques & by delving into issues with sexuality, childhood, money & abundance and time & self-worth.

After the first 3 months, you will be certified to start coaching via Skype or in your personal wellness center with Transcendence as your affiliate.

Your Light Coaching business will be featured on Transcendence Wellness Center’s website as an active Transcendence certified Light Coach & you can practice from anywhere on the planet!

You will be able to mentor under Jessica Alstrom for 1 year so that if anything comes up during your client sessions that you are unsure of how to handle, you will have a support net to help you resolve the issue.


What you Can Expect:

  • There are no pre-requistes or qualifications needed to purchase this class.
  • Class is hosted via live conference call.  The class schedule and login information for the call will be shared with you once you purchase the class.
  • Additionally, the class is hosted via Facebook Live on Jessica’s Quantum Life TICA Facebook group page, which you will have access to upon enrollment.
  • All of the content for the class is housed online.
  • This is an ongoing class and once you purchase, you will have access to all past classes (dating back to March 2016) and all new classes for one year from your date of purchase.
  • There is no time limit set upon the class.  You will be able to work through the included material at your own pace.
  • Discounts on other webinars and workshops offered by Transcendence and Jessica.
  • One 30 minutes session a month with Jessica Alstrom
  • One 1 hour session a month with an A-Team member of your choice
  • A supportive family atmosphere among current Light Coaching students and alumni
  • Access for one year to a private Facebook group page for current Light Coaching students
  • Access for one year to a private Facebook group messenger for current Light Coaching students
  • Access for one year to Jessica’s subscription Facebook group, Quantum Life TICA.
  • Upon completion and/or graduation, you will be added to our private Facebook group page for all Light Coaching Alumni and graduates.
  • Once you click the Buy Now button and complete payment information, you will be prompted to create your own user ID and password that will give you immediate access to Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA).
  • You can contact us anytime for assistance via email at transcendencekc@gmail.com



One Year Membership – Enroll Now!


Lifetime Membership – Enroll Now!


Amber is a graduate of the TICA Quantum Life Coaching Certification program