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Services Offered by Jessica


To schedule any of these services, please contact my team directly at 


About Transcendence International Consciousness Academy and Quantum life global coaching forums.


Transcendence International Consciousness Academy or as we refer to it as TICA (also Transcendence Wellness Center and, is an international online academy of spiritual and scientific development.

Our international online – live virtual classroom houses the teachings and mentorship of intuitive quantum sound healer/spiritual scientist Jessica Alstrom.  Jessica is bridging the gap between spiritual development and functional quantum physics to bring a fully comprehendible action oriented approach to the journey of self-realization. With over 800 hours of archived teachings and training modules along with weekly live streamed channeled messages and classes, Jessica takes you into the deepest parts of your own consciousness to heal and remember your true potential while accessing your inherited spiritual gifts that lay dormant in the un-awakened unconscious.

Her expertise in Quantum physics, Quantum biology, Energy medicine, physiology, epigenetics, biochemistry, ancient transcript, Akashic record, metaphysics, early childhood development, sound healing, medical intuition & remote viewing allows her to use a quantum approach to facilitate her students through multi -dimensional  levels of understanding .

Along with her scientific background and extra sensory abilities, such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentient, telepathy, remote viewing, she has created her own healing modalities taught and utilized all over the world to heal PTSD, child hood trauma, addiction and disease. Her intention is to raise the consciousness of Earth and guide people into their highest levels of unlimited quantum human potential.

  • With over 200 free podcasts, channeled messages, documentaries and recorded classes found on YOUTUBE and Itunes you can also take advantage of her global coaching forum housed on Facebook called Quantum Life Community.



  • Or become a quantum voice of your own and connect with likeminded soul friends in Jessica Alstrom Quantum life Tribe.


  • For those that are ready to go on an accelerated journey within; she offers a yearlong University style Academy to become higher self. This Academy houses over 900 archived teachings, first year manual along with 16 hours of live weekly new material accessible any time anywhere in the world.


  • Last but not least; she offers a personally guided one on one; three month mentorship to work with you through the fast track of your own healing and self-realization- interview required for interested candidates. (email direct for a one on one interview-


To book a free 15 minute interview with Jessica to find your best fit for her worldwide teaching forum, you can email us direct at

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) – $350

In Person Only

1 two-three hour session

Jessica Trained directly under Dolores Cannon, the creator of the QHHT process.

Twin Flame/Soulmate Reading – $77


In person or via Skype

1 one hour session

Find out if you are in a twin flame/soulmate relationships.  If you are not already in a relationship with that person, then we can determine when you will meet your twin flame/soulmate and how you can align with that partner so that they will manifest more quickly into your every day reality.

House Clearing or Land Clearing – $350


In person only

1 two-three hour session

Jessica travels to a designated location and through vibration and atonement, clears emotion, physical and energetic frequencies of a lower vibration, removing any negative energy from the space.

Quantum Pattern Clearing – $777


In person or via Skype

8 one hour sessions

The only thing that stands in the way of manifesting your heaven on earth is deep-rooted mindsets and belief systems called patterns.  Patterns run energetically in the sub-conscious and unconscious within intense vibration that Law of Attraction responds to via their magnetic point of cycling.  As an intuitive, Jessica can quickly see and feel what patterns reside within in you and how they are hindering your positive manifestations, goals and dreams.  She will walk you through her 7 step process of Quantum Pattern Clearing:  Notice, Investigation, Acceptance, Protection, Intention, Reward and Practice.  Each step is processed and cleared using subconscious techniques, energy healing and timeline therapy.

Intuitive Quantum Healing Session – $107

In person or via Skype

1 one hour session

Quantum healing is define as an energy healing and transcendence healing of all lower frequency, thought forms, karmic energetic timelines, bloodlines, Akashic and body trauma that limits you from accessing your full states of conscious awareness.  By accessing the Quantum field, Jessica is able to clear and and all levels of blocked and stuck energy.

Manifestation Mastery Session – $697

In person or via Skype

8 one hour sessions

Customized for your unique journey, Jessica walks you through the 7 steps of manifestation:  Desire, Visualize, Intend, Imagine, Inspired Action, Service and Surrender.  Each step is cleared and practiced in real time and through real life experience.

Me, Myself & I Sessions – $333


In person or via Skype

3 one hour sessions

Jessica will answer all of your timeline questions.  She will coach the three aspects of self:

Me – My Ego – healing and integration of ego and how to use ego to evolve and become more aware.

Myself – My Body – cellular memory, trauma, triggers, pain, stress, how the body mimics the mind and follows the thoughts to assist you in manifestation.  

I – I Am – The soul’s understanding of you and the channeling of your higher self.

*All sessions must be paid for in full in advance of the appointment (no refunds are available).