What is Quantum Fitness?


Actualize Your Authentic Self and Manifest Your True Desires

Translate trauma, override patterns and transcend to your higher self with Jessica Alstrom.

Don’t Lose Out. Talk to Jessica.


Jess knows what you’re going through. She has the answers to all your questions. Let her help you be your best self through the power of manifestation, healing, and enlightenment.

Be Your Best, Naturally

You Hold An Infinity Within Yourself. Realize It and Actualize Your Dreams


Talk to Jessica and Join the Workshop of your choice.

Follow the Weekly Plan thoroughly and biohack your subconscious.


Empower yourself and others by embracing growth.


Meet The Alchemist

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Quantum Fitness
Biohack your subconscious and flaunt the body of your dreams
Light Language
Awaken, heal and transcend with Light Language & DNA activation
Shortcut To Enlightenment
Master your mind and reconnect with your authentic self


Transcend into higher consciousness with Jessica


Learn more about Jessica’s life, mission and courses

Who Is Jess?

Meet the Quantum Alchemist herself!

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Help Jessica awaken humanity to raise its consciousness

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

You want to be happier. You want to break free from obstacles that weigh you down. 

Jessica Alstrom understands this. She wants you to feel happy and confident.

But, to do that, you need to understand the triggers, trauma, and pain that make you vulnerable to your issues. Jessica sees the hidden pain, everyday challenges, and fears that keep you insecure about your health and habits.

That is why she created Quantum Fitness. The course is a science-backed program that talks about hormones and healthy living.

Quantum Fitness is a pathway to peace and joy.

Remember: you’re in control of your destiny and you deserve to know the science to live happily. So don’t lose out and talk to Jessica.

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