Welcome to Jessica Alstrom’s Second Sunday where she gives a current energy reading and brings focus and clarity to what we’ve been going through.

If we are truly the creators of our reality, are we also creating the blocks to our lives? The suffering, the stuck points, the limits, the conflicts, the lack of money, the body illness? What is the bottom line of who we are? We are alchemists. An alchemist is someone who brings light to the dark, who turns darkness into light.

Yet we may feel we are living a life that doesn’t feel like something we created. But the more we take ownership of our journey of who and what we are, the better opportunity we have to reconfigure those programs and belief systems that contribute to the flow of our reality.

March is a master number three, a healing vibration. This March retrograde is taking us deeply into things we’ve avoided. We’re being taken specifically back to bypassed moments of our lives to break them up: relationship conflicts, old money issues, etc. Now is our opportunity to bring light, love, awareness, and truth back to ourselves.

Listen for Jessica’s insights about our vision being the path to our heart, helping us to complete our cycles of action during this time of manifestation.

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