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No need for FOMO (fear of missing out) when you sign up to join the Jessica Alstrom community. Whether you’re all-in with her Quantum Academy or dipping your toe with her FREE weekly content, by joining Jess, you’re saying YES TO A BETTER YOU. You’ll discover Jessica’s insightful teachings and intuitively-curated content are RELEVANT TO YOU, RIGHT NOW. Sound like a sales gimmick? It’s not! Jessica continually receives messages from her global audience who felt her lessons were directed solely at them. It’s uncanny.

So HOW CAN YOU GET STARTED? Cover off the basics in Jessica’s FREE Quantum 101 content. Whether it’s accessing the video archives, getting insights via the hot-right-now newsletter, or spending a rainy day browsing in your PJs, QUANTUM 101 IS YOUR CHANCE TO CHECK JESSICA OUT. There’s Jess’s social media wormhole to disappear into, too!


LEVEL UP with thousands of hours of lessons across a broad range of topics in the Quantum Academy, or travel back in time to Jessica’s early teachings on Jessica Alstrom TV. At no point will you be trapped in a contract you cannot escape (Jess can teach you how to time travel out of those pesky contracts, anyway).

No matter how far you’re planning to DIVE INTO YOUR JOURNEY OF SELF-DISCOVERY, Jessica has a complete self-realization platform to launch yourself from. Consider Jessica’s content as the bridge between spiritual development and science, in a relatable and immediately applicable way. So put on your snorkel and fins, we’re about to buddy up and dive in! You ready?


Whether you’re just starting your ascension journey or have a stack of courses under your belt, you’ll find Jessica Alstrom’s fundamental work both relatable and applicable. With a focus on BIO-HACKING YOUR SELF-DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY – both the light and dark sides – Jessica has assisted Alchemists from around the globe in making a QUANTUM LEAP in their lives.

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In Jessica’s free Quantum 101 newsletter, you’ll gain regular insights on how to FAST TRACK A LIFE OF PURPOSE, ABUNDANCE, and FULFILLMENT. This is wisdom, experience, and science wrapped up neatly so you can apply Jessica’s lessons immediately. All of the know-how, with no woo-woo fluff, and it’s FREE!

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Jessica’s mission is to assist as many Alchemists as possible STEP UP TO THEIR PURPOSE and PASSION. While you can go deep with her paid content and experienced mentors to support you, you don’t have to. That’s why Jessica offers a FREE newsletter and Quantum 101 content, so that you can take your journey at your own pace. Neat, huh?

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If you’re STUCK ON YOUR SELF-DEVELOPMENT JOURNEY, a little nudge and lotta wisdom are going to give you the support you need to accelerate your path. No standing in line for you, Jessica’s content is like being shown to the VIP room at the back of the club, where you get access to the WEALTH YOU DESERVE.

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For nearly ten years, Jessica has been sharing her insights and wisdom. With Jessica.Alstrom TV, you gain access to her video archives, prior to 2018. This Choose Your Own Adventure can be used to DISCOVER RELEVANT CONTENT TO YOUR SPECIFIC PROBLEMS OR QUESTIONS. Or use it to ‘Quantum and chill’, as you see where the video archives take you!

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Whether you’re struggling with an issue, SEEKING INSPIRATION, or wanting to kill an hour while you wait for an after school activity to finish, Jessica’s hundreds of hours of video lessons are available for a small monthly fee. It’s like an Uber Eats delivery, only minus the carbs and 49-minute wait time.

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For a small monthly fee, invest in yourself and FAST-TRACK YOUR RESULTS. Search the archives for the video that matches your current issue or pick a video at random; either way you’ll hear the lessons you need to speed up your ascension journey.

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If you’re ready to get the key that unlocks your problems, then SAY YES AND SUBSCRIBE to Jessica.Alstrom TV. Jessica’s huge video library gives you access to the answers for your current life questions. Not only that, you’ll find Jessica’s teachings are immediately applicable so you can get results fast!

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If you’re fed up with taking the longest route on any problems, then sign up for Jessica Alstrom’s Quantum Academy. Jessica is swift in her methods and teachings, applying quantum mechanics in an understandable and relatable way so you can BIO-HACK YOUR LIFE UPGRADES WITH EASE.

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For just over $1 a day, you’ll gain access to Jessica’s teachings from the past two years, a weekly class, and her weekly Q&A session, which is where you get the chance to ask Jess any questions that are on your mind…the crazier the better. This is an affordable way to REACH JESSICA DIRECTLY.

$34 / month
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Investing in yourself is a commitment that speeds up your personal evolution. With the Quantum Academy, this goes beyond simply saying yes to yourself. You’re gaining access to RELEVANT and APPLICABLE content to assist your light and dark journey.

Why You Need It

When you’re READY TO LEVEL UP, a commitment helps keep you on track. It’s why gyms get you to sign a 12-month contract. With the Quantum Academy, however, we’re not locking you into anything you’re not ready for. Whether you choose the monthly fee or the annual membership, we’re confident you’ll GET YOUR MONEY’S WORTH!

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Do you find yourself advising or coaching, friends, family or even random strangers? Are you a natural empath, SEEKING CHANGE for yourself and others? Are you looking for tools and techniques to help you, your community, friends or existing practice?

Become a certified Jessica Alstrom QUANTUM LIGHT COACH and launch your coaching business. Help anyone, from anywhere, but this time get paid to be YOU! This is an ADVANCED CERTIFICATION, for coaching leaders to join Jessica in her mission to an awakened civilisation.

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