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Week 1 - The story of Earth and who you really are. How did you get here and why did you come?
Week 2 - Interactive reality game of duality
Week 3 - Rules of the game, limits your potential
Week 4 - Your senses and your intuition Your life in loops - You running programs
Week 5 - Your gift to choose your ability to trust
Week 6 - Deleting programs and ending loops. The gift of acceptance.
Week 7 - Creating your duality game - your game of suffering and separation
Week 8 - Your sacred healing - purification of duality leaving the mind entering the heart
Week 9 - Your new game - the game of love and unity . Your abundance your freedom awaits behind the illusion.
Week 10 - Walking courageously into the direction of your dreams
Week 11 - Creating the new map
WEEK 12 - Vision Quest Video