Welcome to Jessica Alstrom’s Second Sunday where she gives a current energy reading and speaks on a topic that is most essential for the current time. Today she speaks on the rising of the Divine Masculine and has a CALL TO ACTION for assisting in the rising of the Divine Masculine. Some of the points she speaks on are:

– The Hunter’s moon and the cycles that are closing.
– The 100 year cycle of the Divine Feminine rising.
– DF and DM is not determined by your gender.
– When will the Divine Masculine rise?
– Why the Divine Feminine had to rise first.
– Why the homosexual and androgynous community is rising.
– What’s the story that is allowing you to hold space for the DM to rise?
– Have you manifested that DM aspect of yourself and manifested a safe DF space for you to rise?
– What are the traits of the DF and DM – time stamp (25:00)
– How the DM can reconnect with his DF.
– Where are you being triggered by the DF and/or DM energy?
– How to hold space for others.
– A call to action for the DM to assist in their rising – time stamp (32:20)

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