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How can we move more lightly as lightworkers through these changing times? How can we create ease as we move into what we came to do? Today, Jessica brings us her energy update for the full moon in Pisces tomorrow, Sep 6, 2017. Tensions are at heightened emotional states now with the Pisces energy. Remember that we are the creator of our reality, using frequency and vibration. From a high frequency, we are creating from observation, awareness, belief systems, focus, intention, and conscious choice. If we’re unaware, we are creating through our default mode of the perception of lack of choice.

Our collective time and space is undergoing major change now. For us as lightworkers, it’s the end of dress-rehearsal; it’s time for us to level up, show up, start healing, teaching, and being the messengers we came to be. We now likely understand why we were the “weird” kid who never saw the world as others did and wondered why the world was the way it was. Now it’s time to show up and do something about it.

It’s time to lighten up and understand the spiritual journey from a video game perspective. From the perspective of seeing everything as virtual reality, we can stop feeling so emotionally charged in response to perceived challenges. The law of attraction responds to charge, meaning positive or negative frequency. It does not respond to neutrality, so we need to find our neutral place. If we feel like our life is on a roller-coaster, that’s law of attraction responding to the charges we are generating, created through our energetic field (frequency and vibration). The illusion is that when we’re in a high frequency, we are the dominant creator; when we’re in a low frequency, we feel like our world is being created for us.

Our job as lightworkers is to learn the cheat codes and learn to manipulate and create our game. This Pisces full moon brings closure, letting go, surrendering, and processing our emotional mourning patterns that come with letting go of the past. On the positive side, the Pisces full moon will bring excitement for the future. New beginnings and heightened states of energy and awareness will create ease, flow, and balance in the coming weeks. Enjoy this power-packed update from Jessica!

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