June Energy Update – Sun Moving into Cancer with Jessica Alstrom

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Jessica discusses what’s going on energetically with us and the world as the Sun moves into Cancer. She’s recently been channeling new, deep pattern-clearing work. It’s fast-paced awareness work, helping us to take full responsibility for ourselves. By responsibility to ourselves, she’s referring to the secrets we’ve kept buried, denied, and rejected even from our own awareness. Her energy report focuses on all of the patterns coming to the surface for us now.

Jessica has released 20 minutes of her previous Saturday’s TICA class, to use in our daily practice now, that talks about this new process of uncovering patterns. She’s also adding new features to her Quantum Life subscription group, recording time travel healing sessions via Skype. And July’s Second Sunday will be live from the beach in California where she’ll be for her step-dad’s wedding. Lastly, Jessica completed her first podcast in a year, called “Becoming Higher Self.” She’s missed doing them. Look for that on this YouTube channel!

The Sun is moving out of Gemini, which has been about the mental and logical side of spirituality and figuring out this deep, accelerated journey between logic and spirit or ego and soul. We’re now moving into Cancer, the season of processing emotions and feelings. We’re also moving into self-love. We’re moving away from the old paradigm of focused thought creating matter into our manifestations now being governed by our higher selves. Join Jessica as she talks about following our hearts, solidifying our center, and living from a place of inner nourishment. In this Cancer energy, rather than over-emotionalizing situations with our shadows hiding in regression and neediness, it’s time to get back in touch with who we are on the inside.

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