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Energy update the ascension process & exploring the number 10 with Jessica Alstrom

Where moving into expansive times and waking up! Allow yourself to expand in the birth cycle!

We will each have our own integration process as the planet integrates and it will be unique just like the way Mother Earth has her own process. We will now clearly see why we are here and what our purpose is. We will become in alignment with the planet and community.

First we have to become “the one”…so ask yourself…. how to do you want your world and self to look? Why are things out of balance? How do we need to show up for ourselves, becoming one with ourselves, getting to know who we are. Moving into the understanding of we are “the one”.

We need to help the world, love and give by sending love to the universe. Loving yourself and each other, being in balance with giving and receiving. The ascension process is asking yourself “where am I spending my energy?”

Join Jessica Alstrom as she explains the number one reason why people can’t become their true higher selves. Why we can’t be the leader who walks side by side in the community, why we may feel unworthy and insignificant in the planet.

Contribution creates personal value, ask what devalues you? We have to learn how to balance out the giving and receiving in our lives!

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