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Here are the videos to quickly get started with your new
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Save Master Key – HealAdvisor Analyse App

Settings – HealAdvisor Analyse App

Creating Clients –
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Introduction Modules –
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Aura Analysis –
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Resonance Analysis –
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Bach Flowers
Resonance Analysis

Gold Cycle Resonance

Management of
Analysis Lists

Balancing Guide –
HealAdvisor Analyse App

Attach your Healy

You can exchange the clip on your Healy with the eyelet that comes with your Healy package. No tools are needed, only a sharp object like a safety pin. Here is a short video instruction:

Instructions For Use For Healy

Here you can download the instructions for use for Healy

Manual For The HealAdvisor Analyse App

Here you can download the manual for the HealAdvisor Analyse App
(in case you purchased it)

Install To Control

To control your Healy, please install the Healy App on your smartphone.

If You Have Purchased The
Healy Resonance Edition

If you have purchased the Healy Resonance Edition, please also install the Healy Analyse App on your smartphone.


All questions that you may have regarding Healy and its related products are (or may be) answered in the list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).
You can find it here:

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