Why Start Quantum Fitness?

What Is Quantum Fitness?

Most of the time, you stop yourself from realizing the reality that you’ve always wanted. Quantum Fitness is all about changing that.

Biohack your brain and generating the hormones that you want. Open up intuition and rewire the brain from overthinking scenario problems into solution-based genius and endless creativity. Get more control over your body and achieve whatever it is that you want. It all starts from understanding. So, in this blog, we’ll talk about the things that stop you from healing: so that you can start to heal.

The Difference Between Feelings And Emotions

The word emotion itself comes from the Latin emotere meaning “energy in motion”. But just like most of us didn’t know the origins of the word, we also don’t know its true meaning: Emotional energy is neutral. The resulting sensation of a physiological and chemical reaction is what makes a specific emotion positive or negative. But when you put a label on emotion, that is, when you put in a conscious effort to understand emotion, we end up misinterpreting it and, it becomes a feeling.

When you pair an emotion with your mind’s subconscious understanding of yourself, the emotion becomes a feeling. And feelings come like triggers. They can be reactions, cravings, excitement, judgments, assumptions, needs, shame, jealousy, disappointment, confusion, fear, and the list goes on.

In the simplest of terms, we can say that when you perceive an emotion, your brain’s subconscious sits and judges it. This is a feeling. This judgment is again determined by your subconscious opinion or belief of who you have been. Surprisingly, it doesn’t consider who you are, just who you have been before. It is not about what you want, but it is about what you were before. 

Do our emotions truly guide us? Or is it our feelings?

The driving force in our lives is most definitely our feelings. And this is not always good for us.
You might have a specific belief about who you are. You might be able to say it out loud. But the truth is, while you consciously believe that you are a specific person, your mind might not feel the same way. We try to define ourselves by our state of being in the present moment. Our minds, on the other hand, contains the past, the present, and assumptions of who we will become in the future.

So what happens when we let our feelings guide us? We become unable to choose our state of being in the present moment.

There is a way out and that is to change the “virus” within the mind- by biohacking your brain!

Quantum Fitness is going to show you how to hack into your mind’s mainframe/hard drive by rewiring your brain back to its original factory settings. Your original factory settings were fully complete & online (connected to infinite intelligence). It is a perfect manifestation system that required nothing or no outsider to actualize your heart’s desires into form (matter). Your feelings were designed to be directed by YOU, not by enslaving YOU to urges.

Your feelings (hormones) are NOT your INTUITION. They feel like they are, but they are not. 

Lose Your Weight and Stop The Wait: Bio-hacking Explained

Manage and Reverse your stress with Quantum Fitness

I found the Quantum Fitness program for people like me, who feel self-aware yet, confused to the point of anxiety. I used to present myself as a strong and independent businesswoman who raised four kids by herself. But in reality, I was not in control of my life and was always on the verge of a mental breakdown. I struggled with body image and self-esteem issues all the while dealing with severe mental illness and a general lack of direction.

Stress had taken over me, making me feel like I was stuck on a hamster wheel on my own. That was when I had the revelation. My response to stress was what I had been doing wrong. Instead of using it to my desired potential, I stuffed it up into an unconscious space in an attempt to hide it.

As a biohacker, I created a way to hack the human stress response to utilize this energy for healing instead of destruction. It is a method backed up by science and is elaborated on my website.

Twenty-five years of experience in health fitness, nutrition, personal development, and teaching professionally around the globe didn’t stop me from making poor choices that cost me time, money, and health. Finding my person and having a “happily ever after” had been my goal which later became my biggest blind spot. Growing up in an abusive household had changed my personality for the worse. But the deeper parts of our wound and trauma are hidden in the blind spots we call attraction. I was attracted to narcissistic men who showed the wrong potential and, at forty-six, I began to see the pattern.

In the world of personal development, we are constantly learning information that feels like truth but there is little direction in how physical transformation happens and that’s what has to change.

The anxiety, frustration, and anger that you feel in your daily life result in weight gain, lethargy, and speedy aging when these factors can be used to get a positive outcome! The stress that destroys our immune system and general health releases adrenaline and cortisol. But the problem lies in how we deal with the stress itself.

The adrenaline triggered by such situations results in increased heart rate and stops your other body functions like digestion to help provide you more strength. So with the help of these hormones, we become “superhuman” for 7-15 minutes. In such a situation, our body gets flustered and focuses on the danger at hand. Dealing it with meditation and exercise or giving in to rage are the two ways most of us follow. Instead, I want us to go for a third option: hacking the system and using these triggers to our advantage. It is not about numbing out or bypassing how we feel but identifying these emotions in the present to achieve a different result.

Our bodies are designed to be limitless and evolve their capabilities like a smartphone. I used to be an unhappy and broke single mother with an eating disorder and anxiety. But now I’ve become fit, healthy, and thriving! Our brain’s ability to learn and become better is beyond measure. We have been using only 10% of our potential- imagine being able to unlock all of it!

If I have raised an eyebrow or activated your frontal cortex, I invite you to come and join me on the easiest health kick ever. No gym, no diet, just you and your biological potential. I will show you how to transform your body and mind in 4 weeks using real life as our boot camp.

You could take a word or two from this quantum physics bio-hacking expert who’s living her best life at 46! 

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