How to tap into your Intuition

We came here to be able to shine our light, to be able to come here and love in an unconditional way and be loved in an unconditional way that would allow us to feel human emotions around what love is, because we know we’re love, we’ve always been loved, but to be able to feel that in a very slow, slow down frequency called the human body is pretty much ecstasy, in the spiritual realms, and that is why we’re here. We’re here to remember who we are, put the pieces back together and play in the light, by showing other people how beautiful and how simple it is to me as an intuitive and a teacher.
I like to speak to you through the quantum field of possibilities. Because when you begin to realize how unlimited you are, and that your life is nothing but potential awaiting your focus, awaiting your vibration of love, to extend towards it, then you get to align into that parallel reality of your heart’s desire. And that is as simple as this process of creating your own reality is.

It’s not rocket science, it’s just quantum. 

Believe it or not when you first wake up, you’re so hungry for information and you’re so excited that you are finally remembering who you are, but I’m going to tell you this year is knowing your light, and then learning how to use it. This year is the year that you learn how to use your intuition, you learn how to use that light that is inside of you. And in order for you to know why you need to learn how to learn the very thing that you are you have to remember when you gave that away. When you were a little child you were born into an environment that was not led by its intuition but it was led by judgment. Now judgment in the definition that we teach around here is basically the absence of acceptance. Judgment is the absence, absence of love. And we were taught from a very young age to separate from ourselves, and to learn something called judgment, which was a very logical brain kind of mind activity and intuition is very much a soul part expression of knowing. And so at a young age we were taught not to be authentic and to separate from those parts of ourselves that were expressive and to basically replace that intuition with something that helped us live in a world of self preservation. We learned judgment, we learnt how to decide and learnt by watching others and hearing other people talk, what was wrong, and what was right. What was good, what was bad, what was black, and what was white. Okay. And when we began to learn this, we began to detach from ourselves. And we began to abandon the realest most genuine parts of ourselves and surrender that to become and conform into a situation that created safety or some sort of security that felt a little bit like love, but as we gave ourselves away, and we adopted judgment.

That was the birth of what we call ego. And ego is that part of you that must assume that everything is either for you or against you in your life, and nothing is basically within you. So this is what was turning our GPS off as a child, and we turned our GPS off our knowing our North Star. We took on self preservation, so that we could survive in a family, religious and school and society type of demographic And that’s when the first initial heartbreak that you’ve ever experienced happened with yourself. That was the day you abandon yourself, or the year you abandon yourself. That was your first heartbreak that weekend, the separation of self. And you went about your life, if you can remember that second year cycle of seven, which is usually seven to 14.

It’s a very difficult life for children. And the reason why is because they’ve had to separate from the only thing that is real and become and fit in and conform to the reality of the life that they have chosen to be in. Notice how cruel kids can be at school because you look different. It’s almost like everybody starts to realize that they look different and they need to have some sort of formula about why that is and they create this judgment around each other. This is bad, this is good but it’s only about self preservation, believe it or not, you’re only trying to preserve that feeling of what you truly are and what we do is because we have lost our GPS system we go searching for it everywhere. 

We go searching for it in other people and places in things and addictions and depressions, we search for it all over the world. And we feel something that kind of resembles our intuition and we latch on to it and we become highly attached to this, and we may become highly attached to this, the separation of who we are actually begins to thicken. Because now, this person is a closer representation to love and I feel for myself and now I need this.And if you’ve noticed that this year you’re finding yourself in a relationship with yourself.

You’re realizing that the biggest relationship that you have the strongest relationship that you have right now on this planet, is you, and that is exactly where you need to be.

Because if you understand the whole story of the phoenix rising from the ashes and becoming the Free Bird. You have to understand the science behind that, because believe it or not, Ash is one of the best fertilizers. Ash actually creates an alkaline environment. A neutralized environment for us all to regrow from the very acid that destroyed us. And if you look at this kind of butterfly prophecy, it sees you burned to the ground. You are challenged in every way. With your relationships with your obligations with your divine purpose constantly challenged and you found courage inside of yourself to start to stand up and start to learn the word ‘NO’ and start to learn the word about that is grace which is about

allowing everyone to be exactly who they are, while you navigate that into yourself this year. We start to kind of get our sea legs with this concept. You’re all becoming alchemists, and the reason why is because a spark inside of you remembered that you were light. And this year, you will learn how to use that light, because the intuition is going to be returning with a vengeance, into your life, begging for you to re introduce itself into your own collective, into your own vibration into your own knowing, and in its place, you must give up something. And in that place you will begin to give up judgment, this entire year is about you, learning what it is you’re judging, why it is you’re judging and surrendering it so that you may, in its place fill the void with the very thing that you disassociated from. You’ve never lost your intuition, you decided it wasn’t safe for where you were at that moment so you disassociated from it and you replaced it with judgment, and you live your life.

People say ‘You’ve got to be happy’  ‘You got to have self love’  ‘It’s not good to judge’.

But if you understand the shadows of how all of those things were created, you understand that that has been survival, without judging who you would be, you have to keep yourself safe in an environment that feels separate to you. You have to keep yourself safe from people who feel separate to you. You have to keep yourself safe from the problems that you’ve created in your life because you don’t have intuitive solutions to handle them. And so we look for our own intuition in every aspect of our lives, including money and time and relationships and health because where we’re going, we want to keep this fun, and we want to keep it simple and the true meaning of an alchemist, is to go within your own deepest shadows, and that is actually where you hid your intuition. That is where you hid your gifts, that is where you hid all of your psychic abilities because you are not less psychic than the person that is on the YouTube channel, or in the books. 

You have just incorporated more levels of judgment towards yourself, that make that feel more acid to you, it’s not actually true. So if you’ve noticed that your life is handing you the best possible manifestations right now so that you may navigate back to you. This is the year of infinite abundance, and do you know where that infinite abundance is held?  Right here inside of you.

As you begin to fall in love with yourself and surrender judgment for your intuition, you will feel safe to love again. The love that a child is able to give freely without consideration of what you have, or what you’ve done for them. The child is able to love unconditionally just like your pets, that’s why you gravitate towards them so much just because it’s unconditional, and that will be the state of being that you will find yourself, time and time and time again practicing your way back to this year. I didn’t say you’ll be perfect right away, but you’ll be practicing your way back inside of you. And remember, all of those things that you had to let go of and surrender in order to fit in, yet you never really fit in. No matter how much you look like the other people, you’ve never felt like the other people and that’s why you came here with a bigger purpose. You knew this was going to happen, you knew you were going to have to give yourself up. Let go of yourself for all the way down into the human experience for all the way down into the deepest levels of the three dimensional self which is the ego component which is separation and judgment, and you are going to mix it up there for a little while, or a lifetime. You’re going to stay there, you’re going to spin out of control and then when your divine timing was right. You are going to begin to ask questions, you are going to begin to attract those catalysts that are going to wake you up. You’re gonna attract everything you need around you to say okay, this experience is done, we know exactly what humanity is going through because I myself have gone through it. I know exactly what’s wrong in relationships because I’ve spent the last 30 years in those problems. I know exactly what’s wrong with the money system because I’ve been lost in it. I know exactly what’s wrong with me, because I’ve been separate from myself. And now with all the wisdom from all of the lifetimes that you’ve ever had, you begin to remember yourself, And you begin to access your Akashic records, and your knowing that is deep, deep within your heart and your DNA, and you begin to impact the world, first and foremost because you have impacted yourself because you’re proud of yourself because you’re learning how to utilize light, And you’re learning that the shadow spaces within us, are the places that we will find the most amount of our light.

It’s in the shadows of others, is where they’re hiding love. It’s in the shadows of others, where they’re asking for help. And as we let go of judgment and we move to the center point of duality, we realize that this is what makes it fun, is to be able to swim in the absence of light and into the light and be the light and need the light, just as much, and we begin to join together and not from a judgmental separate organizational type of place that we have tried many many times before, but we will do it from a conventional and authentic place of just allowing everyone to be who they are because you have let yourself be exactly who you need to be the numbers that represent this year are perfect for where we’re going. Everything that we have is designed perfectly to assist you emotionally and physically into knowing yourself more, because you really are the universe, and you’ve set little spaces for yourself and little nuggets and little treasures along your road to help you remember everything that you need to remember because believe it or not you’ve done all of this before and now you’re stepping into it.

It’s happened, it’s all done. Love wins. And what’s going on right now politically and what’s going on right now collectively is I will tell you with very much excitement that believe it or not, what you’re seeing in the world, the collective conscious frequency is hope. When everything has to come to light, you’re not going to always like what you see. And the world is turning its light on and my definition of light is awareness.

As the world becomes more aware of itself, it starts to realize that things can be done differently, that things can be done more lovingly, things can be done more, as a team. But if you notice that starts with you, because think about the last time you saw a bad news report, what was the first thing that you did, you probably first judged the condition of the world. And then as you sat into that and fell into that you began to say, well, what can I do about it. 

You know that veganism has increased over 900% in the last six years. What does that tell you, and 80% of the people who turn vegan are doing it out of compassion. What does that tell you the other 20% are doing it because of compassion towards itself. What does that tell you, this world is waking up, and as the lights come on, it’s going to be scary. If you do not know who you are. But the beauty in that is as we begin to remember who we are, we know how to clean it up. We know how to build new systems, because this is what’s in the intuition, you will never know how to solve a problem from judgment, you will know how to solve every problem, from your intuition, because there is no such thing as a problem there are only challenges and challenge represents the dual, and you are up for that challenge. This is why you came. You came to change the world but you had to get lost in that world first. And as this is the year of the divine feminine, the first thing that you’re going to see leading this year is women stepping into their power, because women represent the divine feminine, they’re taking their power back, they’re learning the word no, and they’re telling the truth. This is like set the tone for the rest of the year, where can I tell the truth. Where can I share my story. You’re not sharing your story because it’s a sob story you’re sharing your story so that you can release the suppressed emotion that’s been deep down inside of you that’s causing you to hate yourself, tell your story of your abuse, tell your story of what you’ve lived through because you know what that makes you it makes you a survivor, and we need survivors. We need people in a leadership position, that can say, I know the way out because I’ve lived through it, not let me tell you what you need to hear. So that I can be in a power position, you’re going to find yourself following people who have lived through the fire, lived through their own darkness, they are walking their talk. That is going to be what true leadership is and if you’ve noticed that these leaders are wanting to walk side by side with you, not in front of you.

What they’re doing is they’re reminding you of who you are and your unique divine exceptional way that you’re going to bring that to light to help humanity. But that doesn’t happen until you help yourself. That doesn’t happen until you let go of what is holding you back. When you let go of the past, when you let go of the pain, by telling your story. When you let go of your own suffering. And you say yes to your intuition, it will begin to guide you, it will begin to lead you, you will begin to wake up from the judgment amnesia that we were all programmed at a very young age, and you will begin to just know. Because wisdom is about knowing from experience. Right. So first we had an experiment. Then we have an experience. And then we become experts, and that has been your entire life. You have had a series of experiments, and a series of experiences that led you to this moment. And what are you going to do with this moment, you will be intuitively guided. Don’t worry. Even if, for the rest of your life, you just stepped within and began to learn how to talk to your subconscious, which is the bigger part of your energy frequency that is guiding you, when you learn how to talk to that voice within, you start to make friends with that voice within and you begin to fall in love with yourself, and you begin to realize the only thing that has ever made you feel separate or unhappy your entire life was the disconnection of yourself. You have not needed a relationship, you’ve not needed money, you’ve not needed anything other than that relationship that you have with yourself because that sets the tone for the manifestation processes. There’s three voices within you: the me, myself and I, the mind, body, the soul. And when all three of those voices within are not in alignment, your life is a living chaos, because the universe is listening to the frequencies of the totality of you. And if you are out of alignment with yourself, your reality will show up perfectly to show you that in its own perfect timing. So when you begin to align with yourself, your life begins to align with purpose and begins to align with your heart.
When you do your breathwork now instead of breathing, all the way down into your belly to support your nervous system and move your brain out of fight or flight. You move your breath into your heart, and breathe through your heart center because this is your new Northstar love wins. I promise. I’ve seen the end. I’ve seen every parallel ending, I’ve seen all the potential. and it’s a messy cleanup, but we are all strong enough and we were all driven enough and we’ve all lived through so much more than could ever go wrong at this point, because with an awakened community, even when we don’t know how to fix it. There is something inside of us that will move us into the direction we need and all of us have exactly what we need. So as we move on, what can you do to help your own intuition increase? 

What can you do to start really accelerating in this new energy? The planet has integrated into a fifth dimensional frequency, which means the time space feels very different. It also means that the buffer time of manifestation has really shortened, which means that when you get intensive about something and you set an intention, it’s going to show up very quickly, and what isn’t attention and intention is a commandment of the universe, I am. You are learning how to not be so wishy washy because you know that you’re allowed to ask for what you want. In the fifth dimension what you’re going to realize is that it is a feeling game it is a thinking game you cannot think your way into the new world, you will feel your way there. 

You’re going to be blinded by the circumstantial sight of what you see and it’s going to make you feel off but if you close your eyes and feel, you will know exactly how to get there. And because time is speeding up, metaphorically, and because alignment is happening, it is asking you to align.It is asking for you to get right with you so that your manifestations can be heaven on earth, you are creating your own reality, you’re doing it through your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions. And because this is a divine feminine year we’re going to use that number one one as two masculines looking in the mirror at each other and saying, I can do this. I’ve got this, because you will use that masculine energy but it will be more like Superwoman this year than Superman. This is the super woman here, this is even when men are going to connect with their feelings and their divine essence and find courage to share that the epidemic of the single parent has actually really helped this process because there are 1000s and 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of 1000s of single dads, raising children, having to fall into the footsteps of what it feels like to be a single mother, and by their own experience. They’re changing humanity because when we experience something, it affects the entire collective. 

So everything that is breaking down is for your breakthrough, it is for the experience that you needed to learn to be.

My questions for you are……  Who do you need to become to live your greatest life? What is in the way of what you dream about? What you see for yourself? What it is you desire? 

The only thing that is in the way of that is judgment. Or like I like to say, self preservation.

Where are you still keeping yourself safe? Where are you hiding?

That is where I want you to look, so you know where you can have a huge shift in your life. And this shift is going to be one of knowing exactly who you are and how you get there will be the path of least resistance, and the most loving way that you can find to get there, because it really is a journey. It is a journey back to the heart. You remembered you’re the light, and now you’re going to learn how to use it. 

From the very ashes that you’ve burned yourself away from your old selves, the relationships that no longer feel resonance to you, the places and the things that you use to hold on to for security and permit familiarity of this identifies as you. You’re letting go with ease because the only security blanket that you need anymore, is you. You are the safety you seek, the guidance you seek. You’re the mother you seek, you’re the father you seek, you’re the inner child. That will teach you and take you into all the places that you’ve forgotten about. You’re going to be working one on one with your inner child this year because she or he knows the way they are the ones who have been holding the intuition dearly for you, locked in time and space, awaiting your arrival.

They’re here and they’re saying, Come with me. I know the way. It’s going to be silly, and it’s going to be illogical and it’s going to be unfamiliar and it’s going to be scary, but it is all just that dark closet. At the end of your room that you suspect isn’t actually anything other than you, waiting behind it. You’re going to see yourself in the mirror, all year long. Not that you have always been seeing yourself in the mirror, but this year you’re going to be very aware of it. This is the year of inward reflection, you’re going to see yourself in all things, and you’re going to know yourself in all things which also helps allow you to let go of judgment, because when you are the very thing you discussed, and when you are the very thing that you love. It allows and it helps you move into compassion and it helps you move into understanding. It helps you remember why you’re here, you can do something about it. You can change the planet, you’re not just one person. The reason why you don’t have access to all of your spiritual power is because you have given it away, and now you are going to find it. 

Everyone will go in their own time and their own pace, and it doesn’t matter how or when or with whom you get there with all it matters is that you wake up every day and you say, I won’t give up on myself, and I’m going to follow my North Star, and my North Star is led by my heart, not my head. You will walk away from those jobs that are serving your financial security that is logical, you will walk away from loving relationships that don’t completely satisfy you, you will walk away from the comforts of your past, and you will walk away knowing that the only security blanket that you’ve ever needed was right here. And then you will create new relationships dynamic relationships, partnerships, relationships in which you are not just wound mates that you are not suffering that you are not stuck, that you have to turn your light down in, but you can amplify yourself all the way up and the person and places and things that are in your environment are your cheerleaders and your support system, because as soon as you reach your vibrational frequency of not apologizing for who you are, more people will show up in your life that you won’t need to apologize to, that will love you unconditionally, with your light, all the way on with your presence, all the way loud and big. 

You’re contagious, your energy’s always been contagious. You will affect the masses by your very breath, by your very heartbeat, we are all connected. And we all know that from a logical perspective, but it is an Intel you do for something for someone who cannot help you back that you realize how amazing you feel because you’re on this planet for service, self sacrifice.

You’re here for service and self love, which means you’re here to make your life the greatest life that you could ever live and that is the gift to humanity. It isn’t how many people you can help, or how many refugees you can save or how many houses you can build. Your divine purpose is loving your life so fiercely, that it radiates and teaches the world that it can be done. Your joy is what matters. Your joy is what changes the frequency on the planet and as people begin to wake up. That’s why the collective is in hope right now. The Collective is in hope right now because there’s enough people holding joy in their frequencies that other people are thinking that it might be a possibility for them to test the effect to create that is the fact that you create by seeking your own happiness and opening your own intuition and moving into the direction of your north star which is your divine purpose. And that’s all you’ve ever really needed to do.

Okay so basically how can we turn up our intuitive voice?

Well, in order to turn our intuitive voice up, we have to turn our judgement down. Basically what we’ve done is replaced one for the other. So judgment is highly active when you don’t feel safe, because you’re using judgment as a way to self preserve and to keep yourself safe. You have to find safety in order to quiet your judgments, so that you can hear your intuition because judgment is loud, an intuition is a whisper. So you have to quiet your mind, your mind will not quiet if you’re not safe, because if you’re not safe or you’re in a situation that’s not safe or surrounded by things that don’t feel safe, you’re going to be on high alert, which means that your whole body is going to be in fight or flight and your nervous system doesn’t care about your intuition, it wants to keep you alive. So look around your environment and ask yourself these questions……

Where do I not feel safe?
Where do I feel like I cannot be authentic? Who am I surrounded with that challenges me? Who am I?  What am I eating? What am I doing? 

While your whole body is on high alert in defense, it only has access to that part of your brain that says survive. Survive. So that’s what meditation can do for all of you is for those 15 minutes your body isn’t running a survival program. Your body is running a program of stillness, and that’s how through the back door, the intuition can come back and it is this subtle, knowing that feels very safe and neutral and kind and compassionate,

I’ve spent the last two years teaching people how to move out of survival, and this year we’re going to be teaching you all how to thrive. We had to learn how to get out of the frequency of survival, which is judgment and move into your intuition.

Courses to assist you on your journey include:

1. Warrior Training – Identify the Victim/Perpetrator identities of your ego, see the inner battle that is happening within you and bring healing to those parts.
2. I Am – Bring your higher self into your body. Jess gives the vibrations of each chakra and identifies where your ego is running the show with the out of alignment programs. It’s a lot of inner work between your inner child, ego and higher self.
3. Vision Quest – This workshop is an inner journey identifying all the blocks/walls that you’ve put in your own way, why you did that for yourself and then turning them into opportunities. Stripping away your old identity and building a new.
4. Quantum Fitness – Building the body you’ve always wanted through your mind, releasing the trapped emotions in the body.
5. 7 Steps to Manifestation –  A step by step porcess to take when you want to manifest anything.
6. Quantum Entanglement – Shows you where you are entangled with other people and why your manifestations are tainted
7. Quantum Pattern Clearing – Identifying your out of alignment programs and patterns and learning how to change them.

8. Becoming the Real You – Hacking the Matrix using all 5 senses to become the You you’ve always wanted, helping to break old patterns and build new patterns.

9. Master of Love – An advanced approach to healing all relationships in all areas in your life, Time, Relationships (self & others), Health and Money. 

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