This training is MORE THAN YOUR AVERAGE SPIRITUALITY WORKSHOP; it’s a plunge into your unconscious patterns, buried in numbness, fatigue, and forgotten pain. To return to the clean air at the surface, grab the life-ring that is the I AM workshop for a nine week flexi-commitment to RECONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF. What you accomplish in this short timespan is the equivalent of the vow a monk makes of their entire lifetime of meditation and study. Ain’t nobody got time for that (except monks).


Sick of being a professional spiritual academic? Jessica’s journey of suffering and unawareness led her to create and complete the I AM workshop, to release herself from quantum entanglements. Now, YOU TOO CAN BE FREE.

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What’s included

The I AM workshop comprises of eighteen 60-minute online training sessions. These are accompanied by a range of practical worksheets to support this deep-dive into your psyche.

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