Is Your Soul Entangled – Podcast with Jessica Alstrom

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In this podcast, Jessica Alstrom presents a contemplative understanding for us of what we’ve been going through lately. During the most recent total solar eclipse on August 21, we received our final wake-up call, completing the process set in motion by the collective wake-up call of December, 2012. Our final switch has been flipped, bringing the rest of humanity into its awakening process, at the individual soul level.

For those of us who consider ourselves lightworkers, the eclipse represents our final curtain call; we’re no longer in dress rehearsal. We are being called to become the people we always deeply knew we were. Since the beginning of the year, many of us have experienced a call of duty. We are being called to take our solar plexus power back, through the power of love, to finally become the epic lightworker version of ourselves we’ve always known we were.

Today’s podcast is about entanglement, relationships, twin flames, and soulmates. This topic is of interest to all stages of the spiritual community, from those just beginning to awaken to those more seasoned. Jessica speaks from her point of view on a quantum perspective, meaning all-inclusive based on our focused imagination, our individual holograms, and our virtual realities. We create our reality by a combination of our conscious intention along with our default old programming, belief systems, patterns, and collective consciousness.

As Jessica Alstrom mentioned regarding the eclipse and the awakening effect it is having for us as lightworkers, we remain surrounded by the relationships of our human lives, whether friends, family, children, groups, religions, schools, etc. Perhaps over the last few weeks, we’ve noticed that those relationships feel different. Understanding the idea of entanglement will help us to better understand what we’re going through now. Our energetic entanglements can include our relationships not just with people, but with places, things, or circumstances. Listen now as Jessica presents how to navigate through our energetic reality and subtle energetic entanglements, to neutralize them and maintain the ongoing positive frequency we prefer.

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