Jessica Alstrom

Jessica is a Quantum Alchemist who designs her reality from particles of unlimited potential. She has dedicated her life, focusing on helping humanity raise its consciousness and achieve a higher purpose.

Jessica Alstrom was fortunate enough to awaken to her intuitive gifts early on in life. Her journey of self-discovery led to the understanding of her inner programming, helping her gain knowledge of human physiology.

A deep understanding of quantum physics, biochemistry, childhood pattern analysis fused with her intuitive gifts. With this, Jess started using frequency formulas to ‘biohack’ the body and achieved her ideal reality of self. Her path of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing helped her uncover the mission of her soul: “Lead the way for humanity”.

Jessica now shares her teachings with international audiences. Through live events, online courses, interviews, writings, tours, and private sessions, she is on the path to helping humanity understand the higher purpose of their soul.

She inspires countless to live fearlessly- to let go of trauma holding them back from embodying their true authentic self. Join hands with Jessica’s mission and become deliberate creators of your reality. 

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