Light Language
DNA Activation

4 Zoom classes

3 days of integration between each class.

Shift your energy to a higher vibration

Why Start Quantum Fitness With Jessica Alstrom

What is Light Language?

  • Light Language is your soul language that connects with your inner being rather than the logical mind.
  • It is a high vibration that speaks to your cells at a sub atomic level, bypassing any low vibrational information imprinted at a subconscious level that can keep you stuck in an outdated program. 
  • The purpose of Light Language is to liberate you and raise your energy to a higher vibrational state.
  • Light Language is a transmission of energy and frequency waves.
  • It can be physical movement, spoken, signed and written.
  • When receiving a Light Language transmission it triggers an awakening and activation of codes that are imbedded within your DNA, which attunes to the frequencies accordingly.

Tap into a realm of wisdom, healing, regeneration, and activation

Become the highest version of yourself

What will the Light Language do for me?

It can…..

  • accelerate your desired manifestations
  • help heal the body of past failures, shame and humiliatation.
  • help access higher levels of consciousness and activate dormant DNA
  • open kundalini energy safety
  • repair cellular memory programmed with pain
  • help access your souls voice and healing powers

Activate your 'Soul Language' today

Advanced Quantum Healing and Psychic Surgery

What is Psychic Surgery?

Psychic Surgery is a non-invasive form of frequency healing using sounds, Information, and higher level guidance to assist in the repair and realignment of the human body and mind.

It’s a very gentle yet highly effective and highly informative to each persons journey. The body is held together through sounds. Our self sabotage, our subconscious programming is held in place by frequency.

Our day-to-day lives keep this frequency locked in place. It takes an over riding and hard rewire at times to get into the deep unconscious beliefs that are cause fearful and limitations behavior.

This gentle yet instant process begins to move the bodies built up pain out. It brings forth the emotion that is ready to be felt and is integrated. Leaving the person feeling a since of peace, neutrality and focus.

Activate your 'Soul Language' today
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What people say?

Jessica activated my light language when I was at a retreat in her house 2 years ago. It was a bonus to finish off the retreat. She spoke light language and I felt a warming sensation in my heart but nothing came out. Shortly afterwards I left for the airport. It wasn't until I was in the air headed home looking out the airplane window that I started speaking Light Language. I seemed to come out of nowhere. I was amazed and sat quietly mumbling to myself all the way home. I still speak it today and it have helped others in their darkest moments find peace and comfort in themselves with light language sessions.

Julie Flanagan
Mentor Student
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