Free Yourself From Yesterday’s Pain And Trauma

Release pent-up emotions and embrace a life of acceptance, happiness & enlightenment.

L I G H T   L A N G U A G E : G R I E F   R E L E A S E

Grief doesn’t always feel like sadness and it’s not always about losing someone we love

Grief is any and every loss that has impacted deep into your body’s cellular memory. 
Channel your Light Language with Jessica. Understand and let go of everything that no longer serves you.

Course Plan

Integrating grief in the conscious mind
Integrating grief in the subconscious mind
Integrating grief in the unconsciousness
Becoming free, abundant, and joyful

All classes will be recorded live for viewing at a later stage.

All this for $99 only.

Expand Your Physical, Emotional, And Spiritual Consciousness

Release Grief

Light Language enables heart-to-heart communication between you and your higher self. Process grief, understand your higher purpose and bring awareness to your blockages. Let go of past wounds and obligations that kept you trapped. 

Channel and Heal With Light Language

Channel your own Light Language and learn to listen to your inner guidance. Translate your trauma and open yourself to deep healing. Unlock the voice of your soul and activate your DNA to transmute old patterns and clear stagnant energy.

Learn Quantum Healing

Quantum Healing is a non-invasive form of frequency healing using sounds. Utilize the power of this quantum method to process information, and receive higher-level guidance. Repair and realign your soul and body. 

Communicate Effectively

The Throat Chakra helps you authentically express yourself. It’s all about expressing your thoughts, feelings, and objectives in a clear and precise manner. With Light Language, learn effective communication using your Throat Chakra. 

Help Me Help You Break Free From Your Grief

Become the best version of yourself. Join hands with our happy clients and reinvent your life

Frequently Asked Questions

Light Language is a cosmically channeled language composed of sound and frequencies. It has no fixed alphabet and is a universal vibrational expression that speaks directly to our DNA and soul. 

Join Jessica and explore aspects of Light Language to activate the hidden potential within yourself. Communicate in Light Language and embrace enlightenment.

If you’re feeling sad, stuck, confused, scared, alone, or judged: this course is for you! 

These are all just symptoms of stuck grief impacted deep into your body’s cellular memory.

Grief doesn’t always feel like sadness and it’s not always about losing someone we love. Grief is any loss. Loss of time, money, spaces, people, connections, loves, things, and health or youth creates weight in the body that buffers our ability to manifest from a pure heart’s desire. It blinds our ability to know our power and feel worthy. It festers in a ghost-like feeling of helplessness. Even when we are working hard to fix it all.

The weight of loss embeds in our desires and our ability to put ourselves out there and be courageous. The loss leaves us needing and wanting but not having the solutions or knowing how, when, or who we can trust, and it feels like there are no options to help us change or fix our situations.

Loss alters our perception of reality- it alters our desires and our ability to manifest happiness. But with Light Language – Grief Release, Jessica has created a fast and sound healing program to assist you in letting go of what no longer serves you. Manifest a happy and healthy life with this course.

Pain is nothing more than sound frequency held together through resistance and trauma. We have all done a lot of healing work by now so why not live more of who we want to be?

Course Plan:
Week one – Integrating grief in the conscious mind
Week two – Integrating grief in the subconscious mind
Week three – Integrating grief in the unconsciousness
Week four – Becoming free, abundant, and joyful
All classes will be recorded live for viewing at a later stage.

Jessica’s Light Language workshops are thoroughly planned using Quantum Healing.

The three parts of the program include every detail on Light Language- from activation to effects to grief release. It breaks down DNA activations with logical reasoning that assist you in your learning journey.

For the ones seeking remembrance, the workshops provide a fresh perspective. Energetic activations and methodical study often recall the flow of Light Language. 

Jessica’s Expertise
Jessica has both the knowledge and experience required to guide you towards enlightenment. She is a speaker of Light Language who had a spontaneous Kundalini awakening years ago. Her carefully curated workshop is aimed to develop your highest and best self-expression.

Personalized Training
The workshops carry unique activations that help learners to rewire using psychic surgery. Furthermore, each learner gets personalized light teamwork, specifically to enable them to attain their enlightenment.

Suitability for Everyone
To beginners, the workshop provides a systematic understanding of Light Language. It can aid them in expanding and connecting with individual energy to stimulate their growth. To frequent Light Language channelers, this course will help decode the exact outcomes of channelings.

Connection with a Higher Self
Receiving Light Language will set in motion and inspire significant and long-lasting healing transformations. It will open your psychic channels and allow you to communicate directly with your higher self.

Enhancement of the Human Brain
Light Language assists our brains in entering the Gamma stage of receptivity, which connects different sections of our brain. Memory recall, sensory perception, attention, cognitive speed, and creativity are all linked to gamma waves.

It also stimulates the pineal gland that can substantially aid in the facilitation of life transitions.

Kundalini Awakening
Light Language can heal us emotionally and physically, enrich our inner wisdom, unlock potential, and connect us to our destiny on a soul level. Its frequencies attract powerful energies that aid spiritual awakening like the Kundalini Awakening.

Jess is a quantum biohacking practitioner with 20+ years of experience. An inspiration to many, Jessica now shares her teachings with international audiences. Through live events, online courses, interviews, writings, tours, and private sessions, she is on the path to helping humanity understand the higher purpose of their soul.

You can get Light Language ‑ Grief Release for $99.

Bid Farewell To Your Grief
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