7 Steps to Manifestation


The 7 Stes of Manifestation is a course thats layed out to show you a step by step method to follow in order to manifest your desires fast and with ease.

Often we have desires and jump into action in order to get what it is we are wanting. Unknowing that there are a number of steps inbetween that we are leaving out. By doing this we are either going to have to work extremely hard to get what we want or we risk not getting it at all. Here we are only using the Devine Masculine.

Manifesting our desires is not hard nor is it meant to be. We forget that we need to use our Devine Feminine along with the Devine Masculine in order to create. By using these two energies we can then manifest our desires with ease as Jessica outlines in the 7 Steps of Manifestation.

This is an 8 Week Workshop

Week 1 – Introduction to Method Acting

Week 2 – Step 1 – Thriving v’s Surviving

Week 3 – Step 2 – Becoming the Visionary

Week 4 – Step 3 – Become your Intention

Week 5 – Step 4 – Create from the inside out

Week 6 – Step 5 – Inspired Action

Week 7 – Step 6 – Balance Karma

Week 8 – Step 7 – The 50/50 Rule of Mastering the Art of Surrender


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