Advanced Alchemy Masterclass

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Alchemy defined by The quantum method is:

Alchemy – All of me. 

Alchemist- One who uses all of their consciousness to create magic, manifest miracles and abundance .

The science of turning lead into gold, or pain into power is created through different aspects of self integration.The parts of you that are thriving and aware, heal the parts of you that are suffering. The part of you stuck in lack or challenges are covering up the parts of you who have the answers and abundance.

Any given person living on the planet is broken up in pieces of separation created through trauma and pain. The separation is held in time and space by GUILT and SHAME programs. Imagine guilt is the jail cell and Shame is the warden. 

This is the most crucial year for expansion and thriving. The greatest paradox, the catch 22 will be the main factor to work through this year. That saying” the catch 22” refers to the idea that you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t. THerefore this is the perfect year of our ascended awareness that coincides with the 5th & 6th dimensional playground now accessible in our preserved holographic to reconcile, resurrect and integrate all of your separated, traumatized and lost fractal pieces of yourself that are creating the illusion of “ stuck , blocked or lack. 

This is an advanced course, Jessica’s course this year will be  interactive, live and based on personal responsibility, taking and practicing action based learning and remembering of one’s own selves. 

This year Jessica Alstrom will take you into the fractal world of your separated consciousness. 

The parts of you lost in separation through trauma and pain are acting as walls, and lack manifesting in the form of abundance, freedom and safety. The wait you feel on others, is created by the wall of separation of one aspect of you who holds the key to acceleration. 

The pain in your body is the separation of some part of you. The addiction you keep indulging in occasionally is designed to help you avoid present moment pain and suffering. The constant quest for answers and intuition keeps us in a false moving forward status only to feel as if we are returning to old pain and suffering again and again.

This year we use every ounce of our inner awareness to integrate our greatest shadows and utilize our truly infinite potential to create expansion in all forms through unity of self.

Outline:The Alchemist program 2022 

  1. Integrating fracticals through triggers and inspirations. 
  2. Rebuilding relationship within.
  3. Defining true purpose verse Earth purpose. Soul contracts, karma and the akashic records. 
  4. Accepting limits, healing trauma,pain and breaking down walls with boundaries and choices.
  5. Turning limits into action based potentials.
  6. Grief integration through channeled art. 
  7. Creating non duality of shame and guilt.
  8. Returning to innocence and purity.
  9. Using creation and destruction as neutral tools.
  10. Gut, Intuition portal of human digestive system.
  11. Kundalini activation
  12. Creating wholistic partnerships outside of you for expansion 
  13. Creating your heaven on earth through NEW TIMELINE CREATION OF CHOICE.
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The Alchemist program focuses on the manifestations of your now reality as the guru, mirror and guide to recover all lost aspects of your vibrating pain, suffering, lack, loss and light that was turned down through shame and guilt of success.

Our work this year is focused only on the NOW!

  • What’s blocking you now?
  • What trapping you now 
  • What’s heavy now 
  • What’s lost now 
  • What’s hurting now
  • Whats angry now
  • What are you lacking now?
  • What’s guilted now
  • What’s being shamed 
  • What’s being taken 
  • What’s not consistent 
  • What’s rejecting you 
  • What’s abandoning you 
  • What’s not fair
  • Where is your loss of freedom manifesting?
  • What’s the betrayal or injustice you keep seeing and experiencing?
  • What do you still feel ignorant or uneducated about? 
  • What anxiety around others do you experience? 
  • Are you struggling to find your people or person?
  • What feels unsafe?
  • What about yourself feels unsafe?
  • What secrets and secret desires do you withhold?
  • What resentment do you carry for family or a person close to you?
  • What do you want you that you still have not manifested?
  • What desires feel far away or unattainable still?
  • What’s not working for you anymore?
  • Who’s not helping you?
  • What do you find yourself judging?
  • Who is judging you?
  • Where do you still live a double life?
  • What part of your past continues to haunt you?
  • What is your greatest fear of the future?
  • Where do you struggle to assert boundaries?
  • Where do you put your energy daily that you believe you have to be to survive?
  • What are you searching for that seems nowhere to be found?
  • What timeline do you seem to be stuck on?

These questions will be the base of the curriculum for this year.

The number 2 represents duality. This year we will be moving from Duality to non Duality. 

This year everything is a gift in disguise and we discover our greatest potential hidden is perceived limitations.This is the year of illumination. All aspects are unlocked and are awaiting your connection. You have unlimited power within your consciousness and the environment and boundaries you create this year will be your elevator up into freedom or your epigenetic access to your lineage pain to help you awaken to deeper levels of awareness.

Not sure you are ready for this??? 

Read through the questions and curriculum to feel the resonance and readiness of your own personal journey. 

  • Do you feel you are ready to step in and become the divine creator of your own reality, but not sure how? 
  • Have you mastered the basic understanding of yourself in view of the world you live in? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE AT A BASIC UNDERSTANDING?
  • Do you have an understanding and success based awareness of manifestation?( you have proof)
  • Do you have awareness of fractal consciousness?
  • Do you find yourself growing out of your world, faster than you are manifesting opportunities, people and places to live out your new awareness?
  • Do you feel you know as much as the teachers you follow? But struggle to do or live out what you know?
  •  Do you have less motivation to participate with collective consciousness & fear of failure is less a drive for traditional success, such as academia or material wealth?
  • Are you creating and manifesting long awaited desires without feeling fulfilled, happy or satisfied from your fulfilled dreams?
  • Are you seeing how the law of reflection, projection and the law of resistance affect your awareness, relationships, time, health and money?.
  • Have you studied and practiced metaphysics and shadow work?
  • Are you feeling spread out with different interests, ideas, desires, that seem to contradict each other?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed by how much you feel you need or will have to do to create your divine purpose?
  • Are you still struggling to know your divine purpose & your Earth purpose?
  • Are your triggers and inspirations increasing?
  • Are you feeling called to be of service but still need healing and help that seems to reject you?
  • Have you done lots of healing but still struggle with basic abundance, freedom?
  • Are you still alone, feel alone or searching for your people and or person?
  • Are you still ill, after energy medicine, diet and healing sessions?
  • Are you waiting? Or carrying burdens in the form of physical pain, disease or weight in your body?
  • Are you still insecure or resistant about receiving?
  • Are you still witnessing internal sabotage?
  • Are you still experiencing moments of jealousy or comparison?
  • Are you still feeling unseen, unheard?
  • Are safety issues causing anxiety periodically?
  • Are you experiencing feast or famine, abundance and or freedom?
  • Are you losing friends, family from personal boundaries or asserted belief systems & choices?
  • Is your intuition & awareness growing but not your bank account?
  • Are you obsessing about a person or place that seems irrational?
  • Are you being rejected or abandoned? 
  • Are you being slowly pushed out of the nest, job, relationship?
  • Are you creating accidents, illness, as a form of intervention of your higher power?

Feeling this is over your head? Or not making sense? No problem.

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Advanced Alchemy Masterclass

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