Becoming the Real You


Who are YOU realy? Are you being who you truly want to be? Living the life you want? In the body you want?

When we open our eyes, we are integrating back into our physical body where we left our personality the night before. The cells are HARD wired with energy of the past and are loaded with stories, stress, desires, memories and traumas. This energy is felt through emotion which is ENERGY IN MOTION. Everything is in a held state as your mind is void of looking at the body and all vibrations are in a state of neutrality. 

Until our focus returns or until the ‘REAL YOU’ enters back into your body, and looks and feels like itself,  we are only potential.  It is at this moment in which our focus returns to our body that the You (the being who is conscious) DECIDES to pick up where we left off or begin anew.  During this process we integrate back into ourselves to become ONE with our emotions, sensations, and all the chemical memories of who we were.  These are all released via the messenger of our first thought.  That first thought creates the emotion that generates our hormones and sends them to every part of the physical body.  But this isn’t who we are.  This is the memory of who we think we are.  This is the vehicle we utilize to create and experience our reality. This is where YOU must become super conscious to BECOME THE REAL YOU.

LEARN how to build the REAL YOU and the desired life you want.

LEARN the tricks your Ego will play on you to keep you stuck where you are.

LEARN how to occupy your Ego and help you to succeed in the change. 

LEARN how to create a new inner world, a true sanctuary within. 

LEARN the 3 levels of consciousness that make up who you are and how to get them all telling the same story to the universe so that your manifestations are what you desire and reflect who you really are.

LEARN how to understand your manifestations and spot where you are out of alignment.

LEARN how to interrupt your past programs that are playing out in your life on autopilot.

LEARN why memories and beliefs are the most intoxicating thing for your body.

LEARN how to create an automatic script for your body to follow using your DNA to build the new blueprint for the foundation of who you are, clearing the charge of the past belief.

This is an intensive 4 week course

Transform yourself into the Real You in 30 days.

Introduction – What to expect. (2 Lessons)

Unit 1 – Create your New Character, the New You. (4 Lessons)

Unit 2 – Understanding of the 3 levels of consciousness that make up who you are. (3 Lessons)

Unit 3 – Building your new world from your new blueprint as HigherSelf. (5 Lessons)

Unit 4 – The Art of Reflection. (5 Lessons)

Covering 19 Lessons split over 4 Units covering classes, Q&A’s and notes.

This workshop is for those seeking change in their lives and for those wanting to shift into a new reality. All you have to do is show up, apply the information and Become The Real You.


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