I AM – Shortcut to Enlightenment for the Awakened Soul 2

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The I AM workshop helps you bring your higher self into your body. Jess gives the vibrations of each chakra and identifies where your ego is running the show with the out of alignment programs. It’s a lot of inner work between your inner child, ego and higher self.

This is a 10 Week course:-
Week 1 – Intoduction
Week 2 – Discovering your I AM and your I AM NOT in your Root Chakra
Week 3 – Integrate Higherself into Root chakra, Healing the program not the problem.
Week 4 – Integrate Higherself into Sacral Chakra, Addictions we use to cover up the I AM Not
Week 5 – Integrate Higherself into Solar Plexus, How to step out of the program.
Week 6 – Recap of Weeks 1 – 4
Week 7 – Higherself integrates into the Heart Chakra

Week 8 – Higherself integrates into the Throat Chakra
Week 9 – Higherself integrates into the Third Eye Chakra
Week 10 – Higherself integrates into the Crown Chakra

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