Learn Advanced Quantum Healing with Psychic Surgery


What is Psychic Surgery?

Psychic Surgery is a non-invasive form of frequency healing using sounds, Information, and higher level guidance to assist in the repair and realignment of the human body and mind.

It’s a very gentle yet highly effective and highly informative to each persons journey. The body is held together through sounds. Our self sabotage, our subconscious programming is held in place by frequency.

Our day-to-day lives keep this frequency locked in place. It takes an over riding and hard rewire at times to get into the deep unconscious beliefs that are cause fearful and limitations behavior.

This gentle yet instant process begins to move the bodies built up pain out. It brings forth the emotion that is ready to be felt and is integrated. Leaving the person feeling a since of peace, neutrality and focus.

All classes will be recorded live for viewing at a later stage






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