Quantum Fitness Biohacking Circuit Therapy With Jessica


Quantum Fitness is a carefully curated, inclusive integrative intensive complete biohacking program.

There is a preparation program that is to be done virtually to prepare the body for processing, (this is instructed virtually).

Pre work on the body is done the week prior to your week long retreat.

This is an intensive 6 day Programme

Following the week there is a post biohacking program done with Jessica virtually after processing to ensure solidification of your new neural pathways and rebooted biology.

Estimated time investment is one week of preparation prior ( in your own space), 6 days processing and one month after processing (4 private sessions to assist in the upgrades and physical changes you will be experiencing.

Total time is 43 days.

All prep and post processing is to be done in your real life. There is no downtime required as there is no healing, The body is fully rebooted and new.There is only the act of living done intentionally that will “set’ the new system into automatic through intentional practices after.This will be mentored to insure success.

● Program cost only- $3500 this includes all your program essentials including all 7 treatments, program equipment and supplementation.

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You are looking for an effective way to be your best, naturally. Quantum Fitness – Become The Superhero Within to get in shape and love your body. This retreat inclusive integrative intensive Quantum fitness complete biohacking program.

When your computer has a virus, you don’t take it on a healing journey. You remove the virus . If the virus has infiltrated into to many of the systems and infected the whole system, then it has to be rebooted and put back to factory settings before it can be used again. The brain works the same way. Once a pattern or trauma has leaked down from the brain into the rest of the body through practice,belief, space, time and resistance ,the whole system requires biohacking and rebooting before you can reprogram your brain as you desire. Until then your neural pathways were created early in life& are still active pathways of thought and through the electromagnetic blood pulsing through your veins you attract to you what you believe your journey is. We have gone from a culture of “a suffering journey” to a “ healing journey “ All that is happening now is your brain is creating new Neural pathways to create a “healing journey” which you’ll be perpetually on a for the rest of your life if you do not change your healing journey into a living journey. It’s time for the easy button ….

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