Quantum Fitness – Part 1 – Weight & Waiting


The Body Transformation Series

Series 1 – Weight & Waiting

This is a 5 Week Course
Week 1:  Brain training – Hormones & Levels of Consciousness
Rewiring the brain by utilizing both brain waves and hormones.
Week 2: Getting to know your pain and reward cycles & Triggers and learning the biohacks
Week 3: Manifestation Exercises
Week 4: The loss of self – How you adapted to Your story and the QF program process full circle
Your body Is always adapting, perceiving interacting and deciding who you are, based on what you think and do.
Week 5: Grief Process
During this course we will be taking your every day life challenges, triggers, fears, uncertainties and the weight of it, flipping the switch to use the hormones that are destroying you to create you.
Your Sex hormones can be extremely destructive in a body that is carrying fear and judgment, we will be working with your adrenaline, serotonin & melatonin to guide the other hormonal systems back into alignment. Rewiring you for joy.

Are you still struggling with the weight? And or the wait in life?
It is frustrating isn’t it?
Is your body carrying extra weight, getting bloated easily or seems to plateau even with constant efforts? Does it seem like nothing you do keeps it down for good?
Are you feeling stuck or trapped in your body or in life?
example- obligations keep you trapped?
lack of resources keep you stuck?
Uncertainty keeps you afraid to move forward?
Are you struggling with diet, exercise, stress,anxiety,depression, exhaustion and or general overwhelm;that creates procrastination and lack of motivation?
Are you unclear what you should do to create( make) money flow easier?
Does it feel like you never have enough time to do the things you want to do?
Do you feel like you are running out of time? 
Or maybe you have too much time and you are unmotivated or worried about how to fill it?
If you’ve answered Yes to any of these then Quantum Fitness is for you.
I am going to teach you very fast how to take your power back and navigate your body’s hormonal system into empowerment versus stress, worry overwhelm and exhaustion WITHOUT THE GYM OR STRICT DIET. 
This is no gimmick, this is the true science of our bodies ability to be healthy and vibrant through focused and rewire neural pathways. 
How?  –  By using our reactive stress hormones differently!!! 
I have broken it down in a very simple three step program.
Just like we know that we are mind body and soul. Or the “me myself and I”.
We have to look at fitness and health from three different perspectives. I’m going to cover all three different perspectives over the course of one month.
You will learn the following:- 
1.You will have a very fast and efficient exercise routine designed to work your interior muscles and elongate them. It’s only 15 min! It is a hybrid of Pilates, resistance training, self hypnosis and meditation.
2. You will receive a crash course in hormones and biochemistry education! Understanding how your brain talks to your body is everything!! The brain tells the body who it is usually based on the past, that’s why we have to use will power to force ourselves to change.. And we all know that is easier said than done!
3. You will unpack your emotional baggage that is secretly weighing you down.
I am going to show you how to safely unpack the pain hidden in your body that is weighing you down LITERALLY! 
We may not realise that hurt feelings, failures, trauma, heartbreak and fear cause weight issues and “wait” issues but they 100% do. Energy in motion is called emotion. And just think how many feelings you have had to swallow in your life to save face, or protect someone else. 
Together we are going to gently unpack this weight and free you from the past and fear of the future using bio hacking techniques that will feel too easy to work.
You deserve this. 
You are allowed to have it all. 
It’s time to feel free in that body of yours and be confidently in control of your own destiny.

1 review for Quantum Fitness – Part 1 – Weight & Waiting

  1. Michelle Nowland

    Some things I’ve noticed after doing the practices consistently for a week:

    • Time is starting to move differently (a couple examples: completing tasks in a way shorter amount of time, but my perception of my speed is the same and also feeling like only a minute has passed whereas 5 minutes has actually passed while doing that crunch move in the exercise routine).
    • I’m feeling more joy in everyday moments.
    • Sugar cravings and binge eating have decreased a lot.
    • *tmi warning* after releasing huge amounts of sexual trauma grief over the last few days I’ve noticed an increase in vaginal sensations and pleasure during sex.
    • My fat loss is steadily increasing.

    So excited for volume 2. Thank you so much Jess.

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