Quantum Pattern Clearing

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The first 7 years of our lives are about survival, pain and reward. Our ego designs coping mechanisms (a pattern) around our pain so that we don’t have to continually experience it. These patterns create programs in our lives. As we grow into adulthood we hop from one programmed pattern to the next on autopilot. The different programs we run are based on who we spend time with and because we are all individuals running different programs on different frequencies, one of us has to alter our frequency to be a match to whomever we’re with. Since you’re an empath, you are the one that alters your frequency to be accepted, to keep the peace or to fit in. You cannot help it!

Your intimate relationships, partner, children, pets, family and friends along with your home, your car, the government, whatever you resist or get triggered by, all exist to reflect back to you the pattern in your life that you’re not allowing yourself to see.

Our body is here to run programs and it doesn’t care which one it runs. 

Learn how to clear the unwanted out of alignment programs and establish new programs.

Learn why it’s important to get out of our survival patterns and to feel safe.

Learn the role fear plays in your life.

Learn the role the Reptilian brain has in creating our patterns of reward and survival and where our limiting and self sabotaging patterns are born.

Learn the role addiction plays in anchoring in our initial patterns 

Learn how to find your wounding and notice the old patterns.

Learn how to change a pattern.

Learn the 7 steps to the Quantum Pattern Clearing Process.

What you don’t realise is that it’s the pattern that you’re mad at, not the external person or circumstance.

Remember If you don’t change the pattern, your life will be the same with all the same issues. 

Are you ready to change your life for the better?

The workshop is layed out over 7 weeks as follows:-

Week 1 – Overview

Week 2 – The Old Pattern

Week 3 – How to Notice the old patterns

Week 4 – Investigating the old patterns

Week 5 – Acceptance

Week 6 – Protection & Intention

Week 7 – Practice

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