Reclaim Your Divine Feminine Power


Non duality is about taking what ever you are sitting in, going through and stuck in as your greatest treasure. This year I will show you the way out . This year we laugh and play our way to the new beginning.

Class begins tomorrow the 28th at 10am.

What you will need….. this year I would love for you guys to have a separate brand new notebook.

You will be studying on duality everywhere in your life. You will be noting down synchronicity’s opportunities and challenges to be worked through when things are highlighted they can be processed easily 90% of your day is auto pilot unless you’re paying attention.

It’s time for you to pay attention!! Everything you have ever needed is inside of you. Everything that is required to build your new world you already have. The people, places and things that you will need to move forward in your life will arrive when you arrive vibrationally.

The universe is going to meet you halfway.

It will match your money. It will match your time. It will match your effort in every way. it will also match your abundance, your negativity and who you choose to act as.


15 Step Process of healing the Divine Femine within to manifest through attraction not action.

Reclaim and heal the Divine Feminine in just 15 weeks with these 15 steps.

Become all of your own power again, work using your dual energy as a team for Win Win results.

Once these deep embedded wounds are transcended it will affect the entire collective and your whole bloodline. Let the wounding stop with You!

‘The highest calling of Divine Feminine is to lead mankind to its source’

‘The highest calling of Divine Masculineis to provide a safe space for Divine Femine to be free in leading mankind to its source’


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