Shifting into Parallel Realities


Learn to play and become a Master at parallel jumping and manifesting your new realities. 

Reality simply explained: – Consider your current reality a ‘movie’ and in your movie you assume the lead role or the main character.  This character has a vibration or a certain frequency as this lead character in this movie.

If you want to shift into parallel realities and fast you need to embody and become a new lead character so that the universe can respond to the vibration of this new character. When you maintain your character without slipping back into old patterns the universe will respond and ‘clear the set’ so to speak, so that it can create a new movie set with new actors in it for you to experience what it’s like to be this new character in your new reality. Those who no longer resonate with your new vibration will either leave or change theirs to remain in your new reality. 

We shift into new realities all the time, based on our choices, this is often done unconsciously based on our childhood traumas, beliefs, thoughts and emotions. In order to consciously shift realities we need to become aware of your current reality, meaning  how we’re feeling, thinking and believing in order to change it and by that make different choices.

Learn the tell tale signs you are shifting into a new reality.

Learn what prevents you from making the parallel leap and how to bio hack the subconscious mind to get your there and why the nervous system plays a key role in parallel jumping.

Learn how to make parallel leaps to new realities using your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Learn how to Compassionately Communicate to your reflections and others during the transition.

Learn how to Connect with Spirit to keep you focused on your path.

Remember – Your manifestations in the now moment will always show you your secrets or where you’re lying to yourself.

It’s our job to be responsible for our vibration, in other words our emotions, to actually manifest the new reality and make the leap into the new reality.

Are you ready to change your life for the better? Then what are you waiting for?

This is laid out in a 5 Week Course

Week 1 – Play and master manifestation

Week 1 – The secret to manifesting

Week 2 – Time Travel, the missing piece and your intuition

Week 3 – Parallel Realities & Abandonment

Week 3 – How to shift into parallel realities

Week 4 – The monkey mind and fight or flight

Week 4 – How to quiet the monkey mind

Week 5 – Bonus Conscious Parenting

Other workshops to aid in shifting into parallel realities – Becoming the real you, 7 Steps to Manifestation, Quantum Pattern Clearing, Warrior Training, I AM & Vision Quest



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