Warrior Training

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Warrior Training holds the coordinates to 5D. When you incarnated you had to download programs from the influencial people around you in order to play the 3D game. This is where you learned as a child how to be a victim and a perpetrator to manipulate your reality to get what you wanted. Here in Warrior Training you identify the Victim/Perpetrator identities of your ego. This allows you to see the out of alignment programs you are running allowing you to turn the focus inwards to see the inner battle that is happening within you and bring healing to those parts of you.

This is an 8 week course:-
Week 1 & 2 – Awareness
Week 3 – Clearing the Emotional Blocks
Week 4 – Seeing the echo effects of taking your power back
Week 5 – How to Outsmart the Subsconscious
Week 6 – Patience (Ego & Inner Child)
Week 7 – Compassion
Week 8 – Love

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