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Q&A – Quantum Life’s most asked questions with Jessica Alstrom

Join Jessica Alstrom as she does her first channeled Q&A on her Quantum Life FB group.

You can join Jessica Alstrom in her facebook pages when she discusses the lunar eclipse and the full moon and how we are being pushed into new patterns. We are all asking for new manifestations and it should always be given them. However the universe will put things in the way for you to clear, hence the reason your manifestations are being blocked. Your own frequency is blocking you from manifestation.

Questions asked in this Q&A:
What is the difference in Jessica’s free FB group and the paid?
So what does it really mean to return to light? Is that in the physical sense as well as mental? What does that look like?
As a sensitive person how do I protect myself from negative people? (She refers back to some other podcasts she has done empaths and why we suffer)
How do we heal the heart chakra?
Astral projection?
How do you work an exhausting job?
How have you seen clients transcend with addiction?
What is the frequency chart?
Please explain the difference in dimensions
She discusses her new book Me, Myself and I
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