Quantum Fitness Biohacking System Break Down

What to Expect When You Are Expecting A New You!

Who would benefit from Quantum Fitness?

  • You, if you have a tendency to sabotage your own efforts, or allow others to sabotage.
  • You, if you find yourself attracted to people, places, and things that hurt you, use you, or break you down.
  • You, if you feel like you are going ten steps forward, ten steps back.
  • You, if you can’t lose weight or find yourself always waiting for things to happen or manifest. If you feel limited in what support, guidance, and information you have access to.
  • You, if you feel guilty, or ashamed when you try to help yourself, shine your light, or choose your life over others.
  • You, if you feel trapped, stuck, blocked, or parked even though you are showing up as much as you can.
  • You, if you feel dependent on others for your happiness, money, or time. Work a job to survive and find yourself with only enough.
  • You, if you are manifesting that finish line failure loop. You get farther on your goals then get ripped away, by manifesting one of the 4 echos:

    Echo effect of program loops
    1. Something breaks
    2. You lose something you need
    3. You get sick
    4. You get attacked or judged just by putting yourself out there

  • If you are not able to heal your own body or have healthy relationships.
  • If you struggle to manifest money, and support and find yourself doing everything alone.
  • You, if you feel resentful or hurt in your intimate relationships.
  • You, if you feel unseen and unheard in life.
  • You, if you have tried everything to find joy and feel good in your body and it doesn’t seem to last.
  • You, if you have chronic pain, illness or mental anxiety, depression, paranoia, overthinking, fatigue, sleeping issues, or lack of desire in your job. Social reclusion.
  • You, if you are using things to soothe you and bring ease when overwhelmed, worried, or alone, We call these security blanket addictions. You feel good as long as you can use: cannabis, caffeine, alcohol, shopping, helping others, nicotine, food, dating etcetera … as a form of dopamine to get you through the feelings of unwellness.
  • You, if you have been on your journey for a while and feel more aware than others yet are not able to manifest abundance or the time you need.
  • You, if you are feeling unmotivated and defeated by life: because you have given and given.
  • You, if you have a hard time receiving.
  • You, if you feel alone and lost in your world, even with your current manifested relationships.
  • You, if you are seeing patterns, loops, and recurring feedback from your reality that plays out past pain, such as dating the same type of people, being judged, and being underpaid. Things you notice that are happening again and again even if you change your physical reality.
  • You, If you are not being paid your worth, are having relationship issues, feel bullied by time.
  • You, if family drama stunts your freedom
  • You, if freedom, abundance, time, and health are not flowing effortlessly.
  • You, if you feel you are getting older without accomplishing your desired reality. “I should be here, complex”
  • You, if you feel criticized or when you are being authentic are self-criticizing yourself when you don’t feel good enough.
  • You, if others have made you feel you are not worth it.
  • You, if you struggle to see your own blindspots that are hindering your ability to obtain your goals.

All of these examples are blocked traumatized emotional energy that creates physical and chemical blockages and behavior loops. You are energy. If what you are thinking, desiring, and wanting to create doesn’t seem accessible to you, it’s actually happening within you. Imagine a hose to wash your car is bent, and the water (you) is unable to flow. The abundance of water can not move through the hose (the body). The water becomes infected with parasites and lacks the healthy bacteria to heal itself. The body becomes a sabotage rather than a vessel of creation. You become unusable and need to rely on other people… Your body and your desires are how you manifest your world. If you are not living the life you desire physically, Quantum Fitness is for you.

Quantum Fitness Simplified.

The only complete body rebooting program in the world.

We are using the most advanced quantum technology and ancient shamanic supplementation, frequency, and vibration therapy, and temperature therapy to ensure a full physical clearing of what we call the “pain body”. Our biohacking here in Kansas City is a 7-step fully integrated system. We focus on the four levels of consciousness, the physical body, the emotional body & the energy body. ” The pain body is the part of you that sabotages your success, is attracted to things that are not good for you, the part of you that is critical, judgemental, jealous, worried, guilty, humiliated, and resentful, and the discord of coherency that creates a lack of intuition, awareness and halts communication between the brain, heart, and gut. This blocks your ability to manifest, heal, know yourself and live your goals with ease.

The word quantum means “all”. It’s a measurement, basically. And because our brains become traumatized by outside limits and abuse the brain has infected the entire body from years and years of not feeling allowed to be yourself… So a simple meditation, a cleanse, a workout program, some therapy, meds, or breaking up with that toxic person, won’t heal what has now spread into the deepest parts of your physical body. Emotion is energy in motion. When it gets blocked from “don’t say that, think that, do that, feel that“ the body holds onto energy and like a pressurized storm blows up from time to time leaving you feeling bad about yourself.

Imagine if you were able to rewire your brain back to the real you before the world conditioned and programmed it for you. Imagine if you were able to clear out the muscle memory (reaction of constantly needing to protect and defend yourself). That’s Quantum Fitness.

How do trauma, old injuries, and a poised body affect your ability to thrive and manifest?

Traumatized system is the saboteur and what keeps you attracted to things and people who are not good for you.

  • Brain (perspective) – thinking patterns, desires, goals, outlook, mindset, memories, perspective.
  • Cells (storage) – memories, storage of all that you have ever been, cravings for unsatisfied needs and wants.
  • Fat cells hold toxins to protect the rest of your body.
  • Muscles (reactions) – The reaction of knowing how to do something automatically, such as driving, and knowing how to do your life without being present to it. This includes being triggered. The actions you take without being present.
  • Blood is electromagnetic and stores your attractions and desires.
  • Lymph is a purification system and holds the ability to become physical from a non-physical platform. When you become overwhelmed you feel blocked or stuck (can’t take the trash out), infection occurs, and immunity is compromised.
  • Organs all have very specific jobs in regulating, purifying, absorbing, and creating the conversion of energy into fuel and waste.
  • Bone stores and carried genetic foundational elements to hold it all together.
  • The Chakras are energy satellites designed for your unique soul’s perspective. They are perfectly aligned to help you facilitate your soul’s expression, they make up your physical reality but from the inside.
  1. Root Chakra – Home, family, money, community (unity): Who you believe is who you are physically – ”I matter”
  2. Sacral Chakra – Your unique creative self and your sensual self. Your yin/yang relationship.
  3. Solar Plexus – Your unique way of demonstrating your soul’s expression (how you act out your brain’s perception).
  4. Heart Chakra – Your connection to all that is.
  5. Throat Chakra – Your personal truth and how you are able to express yourself.
  6. Your Third Eye- Your ability to see the unseen vision to birth your goals and desires into your own creative expression.
  7. The crown chakra is your central knowing of who you are eternally: I AM

If the brain becomes traumatized, your entire system begins to respond and act out the very trauma you are trying to heal. Even if you are trying to use willpower and outside influence to “fix it”. 


We reboot and repair every part of the brain in Quantum Fitness.

We have broken our steps down to create a total rehabilitation and rebooting of the brain you had before you were told no. Before it became unsafe for you to be authentic and before you believed you were limited, unworthy, and not free. 

Our Biohacking Breakdown

Room One – Zero Point Room

  • Isometric Theta Hypnosis, done is a movement meditation using our infinity rings, light sound, and vibration to help us uproot the core beliefs buried deep in the body.
  1. Intention Meditation – 15 min
  2. Chakra balls Kinesiology Exercise – 5 min
  3. Zero Point Isometric Meditative Hypnosis Exercises using the Yin/Yang Infinity Rings done through Theta Hypnosis of the past, present, and future blocks recorded into the Neural pathways, muscle, and cellular memory – 20 to 1 hour, depending on program outline.


  • A five-part circuit designed to break up, and break down old emotional, chemical, and physical trauma, injuries, infections, parasites, scar tissue, bone, and blood blockages. We use scalar technology charged with ice, infrared light, heat, magnetic acupuncture (Yin), sound, and guided instruction to clear this part of the body. The physiological effects are astounding. The relationship between the ego, inner child, and higher self finds reunion, and unconditional love returns.
  1. Infrared Sauna
  2. Fascia Treatment
  3. Miracle Technology infused Delta/Beta Ice Therapy
  4. Root Binaural Grief Release Music 369
  5. Dragon Protocol Magnetic Acupuncture Yin


  • This room allows us to fully complete the detox and clearing of the trauma. The second phase of the Alpha room is rebooting the brain with a clear lymph and aligned chakras. A four-part protocol:
  1. Magnetic Acupuncture Yang
  2. Vibracussor Custom Sequence- Infrared Light and Lymph Drain Treatment, Fat Release device using vibration, light, and sound
  3. Quantum Healing (energy medicine)
  4. Vibration and binaural vibration of 420 and 369

Theta Room (CONSCIOUS)

  • This room is about using the new, clear rebooted body to create new neural pathways, habits, routines, creativity, and imagination through demonstration, and practice to create new muscle memory, and expanded manifestation skills.
  1. Color, Music therapy
  2. Character Archetype Design (becoming the butterfly) Artist Platform
  3. Seedling Experience
  4. Flow and Movement Therapy
  5. And many more new exciting platforms to build on.


  • This room is the house of the super conscious. It has infinite parts as this section of quantum fitness is custom. In its original outline, this part is a 5 part protocol:
  1. Miracle Voice Analysis and Soul Clearing – done through a cleared playback personal affirmation created by the new you.
  2. The Healy Technology – used as your intuitive doctor to further integrate the new relationship of lower self and higher self.
  3. The Brain Tap – accelerated quantum learner and meditation device used to download knowledge instantly from the field of possibilities.
  4. Clairvoyance, Telepathy, and Telekinesis Training, if so desired.

Return to Zero Point Room (All 4 Levels of Consciousness)

  • For closure, 3,6,9 breath work
  • 7 minutes of Isometric Theta Hypnosis to intentionally manifest a new reality.
  • 7 minutes of Isometric Gamma Hypnosis to open and activate Kundalini energy safely.
  • Two-point Guided Meditation on the Balance Board.

This process is done in a 6-day intensive protocol or a 1-3 month beginner or intermediate program.

Supplementation, diet recommendations, natural medicine, guided plant medicine, and micro-dosing options are at the discretion of your personal program creator.

To qualify for Quantum Fitness biohacking a full one-hour intake is done virtually or in person to outline, qualify and create your personal experience with Quantum Fitness.

This program is trademarked by Jessica Alstrom as its creator and inventor. Only those who are trained and certified under her guidance will be able to franchise and instruct. It can not be recreated with proper certifications. This program is safe and non-invasive and intuitively guided by highly trained practitioners. It is highly effective in removing long-term trauma that results in blocked relationships, and issues with time, freedom, and money. The trauma is not only cleared the brain is rebooted. The energy in your body wants to flow. Trauma and stuck energy from holding yourself back, enable your ability to manifest. This program opens the flow of all abundance and freedom that easily manifests with grace outside of you as a result of electromagnetic energy and the law of attraction.

– Jessica Alstrom

Creator and Instructor,

Quantum Fitness

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