Rewire Your Brain To Achieve The Body Of Your Dreams

You Deserve More Than Tiring Habits and Routines Without Benefits.

Quantum Fitness empowers you to love your body – without any strict diet or exercise.
You’re in control of your destiny and, you deserve to know the science to live happily.

Be Your Best, Naturally.

Quantum Fitness is a science-backed program that talks about hormones and healthy living. Here’s what our clients are saying –

Be Your Best, Naturally.

Quantum Fitness is a science-backed program that talks about hormones and healthy living. Here’s what our clients are saying –

Michelle Nowland
Michelle NowlandQuantum Fitness
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Some things I've noticed after doing the practices consistently for a week:
• Time is starting to move differently (a couple examples: completing tasks in a way shorter amount of time, but my perception of my speed is the same and also feeling like only a minute has passed whereas 5 minutes has actually passed while doing that crunch move in the exercise routine).
• I'm feeling more joy in everyday moments.
• Sugar cravings and binge eating have decreased a lot.
• *tmi warning* after releasing huge amounts of sexual trauma grief over the last few days I've noticed an increase in vaginal sensations and pleasure during sex.
• My fat loss is steadily increasing.
So excited for volume 2. Thank you so much Jess.
Carlie Vigil Rivera
Carlie Vigil RiveraQuantum Fitness - Weight & Waiting
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I joined Quantum Fitness as I was so tired of the conventional diets that never seem to work, I knew deep down it was me that needed fixing and not my diet. I've been struggling to lose weight since I had my first child (10 years ago), I've also got type 2 diabetes which I would love to get off the medication for. This course brought light to what it was within me that keeps holding me back, with thanks to Jess I am now aware of my main pain and reward patterns, over the past 5 weeks I've lost 9lbs and my sugar levels are already much more stable. This is more than I have managed to shift in years without any calorie counting or restricting myself. I honestly don't get the cravings I used to get and find it easy to spot where I previously would have given up and instead of being defeated I give myself self love. There is still a long way to go but with the new tools Jess has given me I know this is a change for life rather than another fad diet. Thank you so much, I'd recommend this program to anyone who is struggling to lose weight and wants to fix themselves from within instead of looking for results outside of themselves.
Lacey S.
Lacey S.Quantum Coach
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I attended the first Light Language Retreat with a group of absolutely beautiful beings. We all came together with our hearts open to experience true connection without expectation or judgement. Jessica provided such a warm, loving space for us. I appreciated every minute of our time together and would do it again in less than a heartbeat.
Rebecca Louise Hughes
Rebecca Louise HughesQuantum Light Coach
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How did you find Jessica?

I was following Gabby Bernstein’s FB page, then Jess’s Second Sunday popped up and I was hooked from then on in!! She just hit everything I was searching for!!


Your mind and body are your powerful assets.

Here’s how we help you enrich them:
Join Quantum Fitness
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Follow the Weekly Plans
Empower and
Embrace the Growth
Feel Confident and Happy In Your Body With Quantum Fitness
It’s Not As Hard As You Think!

You want to be happier. You want to break free from obstacles that weigh you down. 

Jessica Alstrom understands this and she wants the same for you and that is why she created the Quantum Fitness Course.

She wants you to see the best in yourself just like how everyone around you does. But, to do that, you need to understand the triggers, trauma, and pain that make you vulnerable to your issues.

Jessica sees the hidden pain, everyday challenges, and fears that keep you insecure about your health and habits. This is why she created Quantum Fitness – to heal and enlighten humanity.

So, meet Jessica and begin your journey today.

Don’t wait for the best time to be the best you.

Sign Up for Quantum Fitness and welcome a healthy & happy you. 

NB: A learner must complete Part 1 – Weight & Waiting and Part 2 – Manifest A Perfect Life & Body to enroll in Part 3 – The Alchemist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Quantum fitness is the art of biohacking stress hormones into usable energy to heal, regulate and strengthen your mind and body. 

It opens up intuition and is designed to rewire the brain from overthinking scenario problems into solution-based genius and endless creativity.

Quantum Fitness is a three-part course. 

  • Part 1 – Weight & Waiting
  • Part 2 – Manifest A Perfect Life & Body
  • Part 3 – The Alchemist
NB: A learner must complete Part 1 – Weight & Waiting and Part 2 – Manifest A Perfect Life & Body to enroll in Part 3 – The Alchemist.

You can get each Quantum Fitness course for $299.

To Manifest A Happy Life
Via the Weight & Waiting course, learn efficiently and manifest effortless methods to glow and love your body.

Free yourself from addictions, heal diseases and, turn back the clock on the aging process with Quantum Fitness.

Effective Rehabilitation through Biochemistry and Quantum Methods
Attend Jessica’s enlightening introduction to biochemistry and quantum systems to implement solutions for your problems. Escape and prevent future invasions of addiction and related obstacles.

For Unpacking Emotional Baggage
Acknowledge the pain and unpack the emotional baggage using bio-hacking techniques. Break free from weight concerns, addiction, diseases, and delay aging.

Quantum Fitness as a Crash Course in Hormones and Biochemistry
With Jessica’s insightful introduction to biochemistry and hormonal systems, master quantum methods and solutions for your issues.

Our body is one of the most advanced quantum systems in the universe designed to “become that which is desired”. Keeping this in mind, Quantum Fitness steers both the brain and the body in the right direction. It awakens, integrates, and passes down invaluable knowledge for an unbiased introspection of oneself.

Impact of Quantum Fitness on the Human Brain
Quantum Fitness is all about neural rewiring to achieve expectations. The importance of syncing the feminine energy with masculine energy acts as the key here. While the Feminine acts as the vision you hold, the Masculine portrays the action you take.

Human Body and the Concept of Manifestation
Though a human body contains infinite possibilities to thrive, we optimize only 10% of its potential. The inability to tap into this potential causes a lack of connection. It makes us adopt unwanted habits, succumbing to trauma. Quantum Fitness employs biohacking to erase and rectify this. It helps you expand your horizons on your infinity within, through the power of manifestation.

Jess is a quantum biohacking practitioner with 20+ years of experience. An inspiration to many, Jessica now shares her teachings with international audiences. Through live events, online courses, interviews, writings, tours, and private sessions, she is on the path to helping humanity understand the higher purpose of their soul.

Yes, you can! Jessica’s renowned “Quantum Life Coaching Course” is the perfect fit for people preparing for a career as a Quantum Coach. Complete Quantum Fitness courses and join Jessica on her mission to awaken humanity.