Second Sunday – Grand Metamorphosis – What’s happening on the planet? with Jessica Alstrom

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Jessica’s focus and purpose each Second Sunday is to present a snapshot of the collective vibration of what is going on in the world, physically, emotionally, and in the nonphysical realms. September is a big month, so this Second Sunday is a particularly important and special transmission. What is happening now and what is going to happen in the next 30 days and through the rest of the year?

When we’re talking about quantum theory, everything is seen in terms of probabilities. Nothing is definite—there are just probabilities. And probabilities can change based on our choices and actions individually and collectively. Our thoughts, beliefs, and focus determine reality. As we rewire our thinking, we become different; therefore, our reality becomes different. That is what is happening now.

For a long, long time we have looked at our world and had a desire for change, for our planet to be led by love instead of power. Desire is the engine of manifestation and the greatest power in the universe. Through our deep desire put forth into the universe, the collective energy has begun to change. The scales have tipped. When there’s enough desire for change, change happens.

Desire and change on our planet is happening thanks to the star-seeds who have come with the frequency of unconditional love, understanding, and compassion, and with the belief system held deep within our DNA that we are here to love each other. As the star-seeds, indigos, and children of the sun began to populate the earth, these changes began to percolate in nonphysical reality.

What will be the effects of our collective desire for change? What are the symptoms of that change? And how best can we smoothly transition through it? Listen as Jessica talks about our current manifestational cycle coming into being and how we can effectively navigate through it.
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