The last full moon was a different experience for all of us. Some of you had a lot of energy and some of you had no energy. Some are having huge breakthrough and some are having huge downward spirals. All of these things are perfectly necessary for your transition. You can see behind me the 3D to 5D shift. The 4D is the bridge between 3D and 5D. In 2012 the 4D bridge was activated and now that we are closing out 2018, we are really setting up home in 5D reality. The situation with 5D is that you cannot reside in or be at home in 5D if you are still living in the mind. This is a heart-field coherent atmosphere now, and anyone who is still trapped in the mind and logic and focused on obligation, suffering, and separation is probably having a very difficult time in their life right now. Are you feeling too much fear to move ahead?

Please listen as Jessica shares how to move through our current transition with greater ease and awareness!

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