In this episode of Second Sunday, Jessica shares with her audience what is going on energetically with the planets and so much more!! Touching on all the following topics and so much more!!

– How to expand your brain beyond using only 10% of its capabilities.
– Integrating the Masculine & Feminine.
– Personal responsibility.
– The unconscious, subconscious, and conscious minds.
– Fear, the elevator emotion.
– Going deep into sorrow to heal.
– Where our intuition is store and how to access it.
– Releasing our deepest levels of sorrow.
– The four wounds humans experience in their life.
– The definition of unconditional love.
– Self acceptance
– Free will.
– Moving into a crystalline energy being.
– What is meditation?
– How you manifest your shadows.
– How it is that we are on the FAST TRACK to awakening.

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