Welcome to New Earth! Some of you are looking around and wondering where is it? Well, in this episode of Second Sunday Jessica is going to assist you in seeing New Earth! She will do this by helping you shift your perspective and guiding you to use the tools at your disposal to access the vision that is already within you as she talks about:
– What is Higher Self?
– The magic numbers 3, 6 and 9.
– How DNA Activation is one way to bring exciting new transformation and physical healing to your life, by releasing inner conflict, increasing physical health, enhancing intuition, and getting you into alignment with your full manifestation potential.
– What is ascension?
– The importance of acting ‘As If’
– What the last stage of ascension is.
– How we stream our hologram through our brain.
– You didn’t come here to suffer. You came here to thrive and play.
– How to access the abundance inside of you.
– The words that will activate that abundance.

And then Jess takes a couple questions from her live audience.
– How do I know I’m on the right path?
– How do you act out your worthiness?

All this and more in this episode of Second Sunday August 2018!

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