Today for Second Sunday Jessica will be talking about hacking the matrix.

It’s time for us to storm the castle. Jessica refers to different matrices. The first matrix is what holds this entire hallucination together, the hallucination of separation, of duality, and where your belief systems are held. The second matrix is the field of possibilities—and we are talking quantum here. One is about separation and contraction and the other about expansion.

Everything that exists in your reality are built from patterns and belief systems. Those two things hold your hologram together. They hold what you’re able to see and what you’re NOT able to see. They control the outcome of how people affect you, and how you’re able to create in the world. So if everything is held together in this grid; by these patterns, then, HOW DO WE HACK THAT [MATRIX]? HOW CAN WE BEGIN TO TAKE OUR POWER BACK AND LIVE FROM A PLACE OF PURE POSSIBILITIES?

Jessica talks all about this and how the matrix is designed to keep us enslaved. She also takes a couple questions from the audience about being held back by kids and religion and its part in the matrix.

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