This video is an excerpt of part of Jessica’s live Q&A class from 10/10/2019. The question shared here was a multi part question that asked;
– What is the point of evolution?
– Why were there dinosaurs?
– Did the Big Bang really happen?
– Where did consciousness come from?
– Were there ET’s in the beginning?

Jessica’s answer is one you will not want to miss. Jessica explains;
– The history of Earth all the way back to the beginning.
– How Earth is the living library and the Akashic records incarnated.
– The significance of It’s specific location in the universe.
– How ascension is Earth compressing data.
– Why there were dinosaurs and why they had to go.
– The cycle of ascension and the twelve dimensions.
– How enlightened ones have kept the planet from being blown up.
– What you can do to help Earth and what you’re doing that is hurting her.
– Why the human ego was created.
– What type of beings are incarnating into the planet now and why.
– What our future has to hold.

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