Welcome to Jessica Alstrom’s December Second Sunday where she gives a current energy reading and brings focus and clarity to what we’ve been going through. Today she speaks on the conclusion to our year, with the goal of helping us make sense of and be inspired by what we’ve been going through this year:

• This has been a self-reckoning year
• Working with our ego components
• Finding ourselves at ground zero, the place from which we build everything else
• Speaking our truth
• Letting go of old commitments
• Healing ourselves
• Beginning of self-love
• Celebrating who we are on the inside, in imperfection

What will come out of the coming year will be our fresh start. This year we’ll be able to put everything we’ve become into practice, in the unification of the “me, myself, and I” (ego, inner child, and higher self), bridging all three parts of ourselves.

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