Three Healing Meditations – TICA Life coaching with Jessica Alstrom

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How can transcendence be one breath away? In this session, Jessica Alstrom follows up on last week’s session of being able to see and expand our own energy fields. Jessica walks us through an effective grounding exercise using visualization and breath that we can use at any time to bring us back into our present moment. Grounding frequently throughout our day will help us to move much more smoothly through the processes of the new energy coming in now.

We came here as lightworkers to be the flashlight in the dark and the spokesperson for unconditional love. We may not always feel like unconditional love or feel like expressing unconditional love, but we are working towards matching the unconditional love that resides in our DNA. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions in this lifetime are leading us to what our DNA is already equipped to be and do. Our “becoming” process is aligning us with our own DNA.

The beingness that is all of us (lightworkers) that already ascended in another reality decided to come to earth to show the way to those who are now in their initial awakening. We are in our second phase of awakening, which is the awakening of the heart. The turmoil or drama we have experienced in our lives since the winter solstice is the suppressed realities of our past—byproducts of our entire life, especially the times when we were not allowed to be authentic.

There’s much more in this rich TICA life coaching class leading up to Jessica’s presentation of three separate inner journeys or guided meditation exercises in expanding our inner awareness and clarity.

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