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  1. Class 12 Nov 2020 – ‘Intimates List’
    Intimacy – In to me I see
    Your intimate group – Children, Pets, Spouse, Yourself, Your Home, Your Car, The things you Love, Your Money, Your Time, Your Work, Your Body, Close Friends and Close Family.
    Purpose of your intimates is to show you all your positive parts along with your reflection thats burried, trapped, denied, rejected, abandoned, abused and dissassociated. It also shows you where you have Traumas, – Childhood Trauma, Ancestrial Traums and Akashic Trauma.

    1. Alvira Vigandtsen

      Thank you so much for this list of intimates.
      I just listened to the class this morning. Very powerful for me to hear what is actually going on for me and my kids. I am upside down right now with grief because of the neglect of my inner child. I have known this for many years … of the neglect – but I have not been able to stop the neglect.
      I hope I can now with my new tools.

      Jessica mentions hemp oil.
      And I have listened to the class on cannabinoids and have tried to order from Trinity Hemp because I know that my nervous system is completely out of order.
      But I live in Denmark and have not been able to order yet. I have contacted Will to hear about this as well.
      Am looking so much forward to the European store getting set up.

      And just a practical question – is this where I ask if I have a question? Instead of from the website address?

      Thank you so much and much love to you all

      1. You’re very welcome.
        Absolutely you can. Baby steps. Its a matter of unlearning what we were taught to do, such as put others first, now we learn to put ourselves first.
        You’ve got this.

        Yes you can ask questions here for anything, help with where you are currently, other perspectives, just for chat or for the Live Q&As.

        I’ll keep you informed about the Trinity Hemp products. What was it you were hoping to get?

        1. Alvira Vigandtsen

          Dear Julie and Jessica,

          I have another question for our Thursday TICA.

          Thank you for everything and for your help in answering my question.

          I feel quite lost – and have for all my life … I’m starting to realize.

          The last 11 years – since my first born son was 5 I’ve felt like I have looked at my messy room.
          And tried every healing modality I could come across.

          I know that my adrenal glands are fried and I’m in total stress all the time.

          I bought the Healy because I felt that it could help me and my children. I only works 20% of the time.
          And I was hoping to buy Trinity Hemp salves when you introduced them Jessica – but I live in Denmark and have not been able to puchase them yet over here.

          I do have an abused child inside – … and that does bring me to tears and hurts a lot. But even with that realization I don’t know how to break the chain of abuse.

          I have 3 kids who are totally dependant on me because of their fathers mental and physical towards them.

          I don’t know how to stop the chain of abuse and still make sure that they aren’t hurt.

          If I give myself what I need then they will be hurt because they will have to spend time with him which they don’t want to.

          Thank you for your teachings and you and your team and Julie.
          I keep going because of what you all do.
          Love Alvira

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