What is the difference between Twin Flames, Karmic Relationships & Soulmates w/ Jessica Alstrom

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Jessica Alstrom discusses the differences between twin flames, karmic relationships and soulmates. Jessica defines twin flames as 2 twin souls that are equally and vulnerably wounded. They are a direct reflection of each other and needed for the greatest level of expansion.

The twin flame relationship is the greatest spiritual teacher a soul can ask for as it cracks the heart open, opens the soul, brings you to all of the things that you’ve been in denial of and ends all of your suffering. It also presents the idea of great love with the intensity of the twin flame relationship as very magnetic, almost toxic, to the point where it becomes an obsession for the souls involved in the relationship.

A karmic relationship is also defined as a relationship that’s from a past timeline that a soul is reintroduced to, someone that you have interacted with before in past lives. Karmic relationships exist to help clean up the energy around that person and that pattern of behavior.

Everything is about cause and effect and the word karma is just a matter of physics. Soulmates are a soul recognition of the completion of a whole being. Soulmates represent the closest version of you in existence and the relationship is very expansive.

When someone aligns with and meets their soulmate, a great expansion, procreation and healing occur. A foundation can be built through the direct reflection of wholeness, not the emptiness that exists in a twin flame relationship

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