The world is changing. It’s breaking a part. You are unbecoming so that you become who you came to be. The world is moving into a very fast evolutionary position of higher consciousness.The planet,it’s nature that includes you are accelerating into higher states of awareness. You are aware now that you are more than your life. The most difficult place humans find themselves is in the ability to trust their deep level of intuition versus what is happening around them. We stay small stock and obligated to our past. We repeat them over and over again. Although life feels as if it changes the storyline in the programs that you act out year after year are literally the same exact pattern, program. Your virtual reality continues to keep you in a constant state of 10 steps forward 10 steps back. And this isn’t only in your personal vibrational universe. This is in our collective. We repeat the same wars, poverty, and the endless ways to separate ourselves from each other.


If you’ve been manifesting and getting bittersweet results, it’s time to look at where your awareness is actually sitting. After this course, you can expect to shift quickly and TRANSFORM and TRANSCEND OLD REALITIES into your preferred state of being.

Why You Need it

What’s included

A vision quest is a quest that has stripped you of your false sense of abundance. Your journey is traveled out of mind into the heart.

  • The story of Earth and who you really are. How did you get here and why did you come?
  • How reality is created and how you are in an interactive game of duality
  • How you generate your game. Your limits your potential
  • Your senses and your intuition
  • Your life in loops – you running programs
  • Your gift of choose your ability to trust
  • Deleting programs and ending loops. The gift of acceptance.
  • Creating your duality game – your game of suffering and separation
  • Your sacred healing – purification of duality leaving the mind entering the heart
  • Your new game – the game of love and unity . Your abundance your freedom awaits behind the illusion.
  • Walking courageously into the direction of your dreams –
  • Creating the new map
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