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Janie used the BrainTap “Habits of Naturally Thin People” and has lost 27 lbs in just 12 weeks all WITHOUT willpower and without drugs, supplements or exercise!

She’s making better choices, drinking more water and has started exercising! Her mind and body have changed how she views food and she has dropped from a size 14 to a size 10 without effort in just 12 short weeks and without any crazy diets of special foods!

Testimonial to the BrainTap and Transcendence Wellness Center:
just would like to say thank you for BrainTap and for Transcendence Wellness Center!

Try BrainTap for free:…

OR to receive BrainTap for 30 days free email us direct!
[email protected]

To purchase the BrainTap:…

Please mention “Jessica Alstrom” coupon code OR call for a DISCOUNT at 913-387-4631


Learn how to heal the emotional and physical bodies by moving into a deep state of hypnosis. Through the use of meditation that incorporates binaural beats, sound and light therapy, hypnotherapy and rewiring of the brain, clients move into higher states of awareness that facilitates the creation of their immediate reality. Wealth, enhanced sports performance, release of addiction and the healing of old wounds (including thoughts of suicide) lodged deep in the physical and emotional body are all results that can be attained through the use of this device.

What is BrainTap
BrainTap Technology is one of many tools used at Transcendence Wellness Center Works to support our clients. It is a great way to exercise and build the strength of your brain. BrainTap helps train your brain to calm down and build neuroplasticity.

How Does BrainTap Work
BrainTap is a headset that you wear while relaxing in a chair. There are different components in the headset including sounds and meditation through earphones. There are lights in the earphones and a visor with lights that move over your eyes.
The headset can be used anytime of the day. There are no age restrictions either.

BrainTap Uses Five Different Technologies to Support You and Your Brain
*Light Frequencies
The light frequencies display over your eyes. This light helps train your brain to produce a healthy balance of brainwave activities. This helps you get into a positive mindset to achieve your goals.
This is light frequencies in the ears. These light frequencies target meridians on the ears that help you feel balance and serenity.
*Beats and Tones
Special set of beats and tones that allow your brain to relax and guide you to a high level of focus. These beats and tones match relaxed brain waves to help you feel a wave of calm.
The 20-25 minute tracks There are over 700 guided tracks to choose from to help you in 42 different categories in your life.
Each track focuses on specific areas of the brain. For example, there are tracks for fear or stress to help move you to peace, calm and tranquility.
*10-cycle Holographic Music
This type of music promotes calming thoughts and images to the mind.

What Can BrainTap Do For You

Reduce stress
Encourage a healthy lifestyle
Increase self-awareness
Improve concentration
Increase happiness
Slow aging
Benefit and support cardiovascular and immune health

How Can I Get Started Using BrainTap?
We have an open invitation for you to try BrainTap at home for 30 days FREE just email us at [email protected]

You can also purchase BrainTap at our office. If you mention you saw us on YOUTUBE, you’ll receive a discount off the retail price.

When you purchase the headset from us, you’ll also receive 10 free track download credits. This is valued at over $300.

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