Why Am I So Triggered in Relationships and Quantum Life TICA Announcements with Jessica Alstrom

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Jessica makes some exciting announcements about the Quantum Life Facebook groups. First, the Quantum Life Community group now has more than 600 members! Next, Jessica has decided to open up access to some of her TICA teachings for her Quantum Life TICA Facebook subscription group. TICA is Transcendence International Consciousness Academy. All along, Jessica’s mission has been to help people become the best versions of themselves. Her desire has been to help each of us find that unlimited super-hero within that has no fear, and has absolute courage, knowing, and trust for themselves and for the direction we’re heading as a planet.

This change is Jessica’s highest excitement, to help as many people find their way back to their connection of higher self, and live as that connection. That’s why she opened Transcendence Wellness Center and started Transcendence International Consciousness Academy (TICA). It’s why she gets up every morning, why she does channeled messages, and why she started doing podcasts. Over the last couple of months, she’s been asking how to expand her audience and gift anyone who’s ready for quantum spirituality to be able to access it. She has wanted to reach beyond those who can afford a year of TICA. She wants to make it affordable, transparent, and accessible any time of day to anyone who’s ready to become their own life coach and specialist of themselves.

The TICA programs provide confirmation to ourselves of what we already know. The Quantum Life TICA tribe and forums offer the ability to connect with each other and talk about the things we’re going through without judgment, and feel like we have a family and a tribe. This support system of TICA will propel people the fastest. So now the subscription price includes TICA’s Thursday night classes live-broadcast on Quantum Life TICA. The subscription stays at $22/month. (The curriculum of TICA over the last two years will remain a separate mastermind and light coaching certification program.) Jessica is excited at being able to expand her audience and reach and fulfill the mission she came to deliver.

In this session, Jessica also provides a channeled Q&A for her Quantum Life Community Facebook group. The topic is: triggers in relationships, related to the heaviness of the collective energy now, in the sacral and solar plexus chakras. Jessica channels by dropping into her heart space. To drop into your heart space, think about something that warms you unconditionally, that you have no judgment about, and that’s a completely pure place in your soul. You will feel expanded and warm as soon as you connect with that thought.

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